8/17 conniecat update


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Well I tried to long in again with the password that John sent me. Can't get it.....so Connie let me use hers.

She wants to thank everyone for the cards and gifts. Still no internet for her. She still has Penumonia. They forgot to give her her meds. She is coughing a little but seems to be in good humor.


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Thank you for the update on Connie. Please let her know she continues in my prayers.

Have any of her beloved kitties been able to visit her yet?

Mary Ann


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Thanks for the update on Connie. Hopefully they will get their act together soon and she can get on with her recovery. And get home to her kitties and cameras!



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Prayers & good thoughts continue from MN.
It's amazing how often things like that happen in hospitals & care home's.
I hope Connie is soon home with her furbabies.


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Conniecat...I hope you are better soon. I know this has been hard on you being ill, away from your home and kitties, the Internet, and C@'s of course!! :D

Rest assured that you are in good hands and that you will be home soon. Continue getting well, and you'll be back to your same good self in not time at all now. (((HUGS))) :)
......well Connie said that she found hair in her food today for the fifth time. I think this is about to push her over the edge. Still waiting on an appointment with a dr. Her furbabies have not visited her yet. I know she misses EVERYTHING.


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I was hoping to hear something more encouraging. I plan on giving her a call later this week if things ever settle down. Poor Connie. I sure wish her kitties could visit, I'm sure that would make her feel better.


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Forgetting her meds and hair in the food? Goodness, can she apply for a different facility? Can her son or her doctors recommend someplace else for her?


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Continued good thoughts for Connie.

Hair in her food so many times is terrible, should be reported to the authorities really but hard to do when you are in the facility being cared for :(