8/25 conniecat update

I talked to Connie yesterday. They are hoping to get her into a study in the fall. However she can not have any other health issues........so she may not get in. I think she is looking into a second opinion. Right now the therapist is working on building up her stregenth. She has to go up 6 steps when she goes home and right now she can only do 2. Her left leg has healed. The right leg still has a wound about the size of a silver dollar.


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Thanks for reporting on Connie. She got so far down that it will take her awhile to make any gains. But she is doing it, one step at a time. We are all routing for Connie to be able to get home to her babies very soon!



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Thank you for the update on Connie. Any news on her heart condition? Have her kitties been able to visit her?

Prayers continue.


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Thanks for the update. At least her legs are finally healing so that is a positive sign. Sounds like slowly but surely she is getting better. Wishing her continued progress so she can return home soon to her kittens that she loves so much.


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Good to hear that Connie is moving forward...albeit very slowly! Praying she continues on improving and will be able to go home...where I am sure she really wants to be!


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Thank you for the update on Connie. And I agree, she had gotten down so low that it is going to take a while for her to get back up.

(((HUGS))) and a big :) , to Conniecat!!


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Thank you for the update on Connie. I'm sure she know's we're all pulling for her, but please make sure she know's she's in our thought's & prayer's. Connie, get to feeling better my friend, we miss you here on the Board!