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8th Annual Atlantic City gathering



Will be the weekend of Sept 11-13. The gala event will be Saturday Sept 12 at 1:00pm place to be determined based on if mother Nature attempts to throw a hissy fit again.

Hotel options......who knows who will be standing by then. Resorts might be a possibility. Friends of JohnNJs stay there every year and enjoy it.


If you are interested please let me know. Some come down for the day, others make a weekend out of it, your choice.

Mal D. Olive

This is going to be a busy time for us, but we will be there fer sure!

1st two weeks in August.......... DUCK CRUISE to Alaska
2nd weekend in September .......AC Meet
3rd Weekend September.....Down to Eastern Shore of Maryland to my Brothers for a BBQ beef and CrabFest
2nd Weekend October ......Aple Harvest Festival in Arendtsville PA, with friends from when I was a little olive.

I think we will crash the month of November!


JoAnn & I will be there for the Saturday get - together... :)

Looking forward to seeing everybody