9/11/01 to 5/1/11 from a very different point of view.


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I have to agree.......it is a fascinating article. Thanks so much for sending the link. A lot of people (including me) don't even remember 2nd grade (heck....I barely remember high school....:biggrin:). But because of the circumstances, these people will always remember 2nd grade!


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Truly fascinating article. Just proves again to me that children can cut through all the bull by watching people's expressions. They didn't see conspirisy, they didn't see someone to fear sitting in front of them. They saw someone who was surprised, puzzled, etc. In the man reading the book they saw maybe even some shock and with that he in turn tried to act as though everything was ok. He would finish the book in calmness and then get up and take his leave. Noone wants to scare children and in that he was doing what he would have done if his own grandchildren had been sitting in front of him.

Only adults want to see the worse in another person --- in anyone who doesn't share their beliefs and that goes for anyone who holds the office of importance --- President of the USA.


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Thank you, Cruizer. Yes, a most revealing article and video contained therein. For me, revenge is sweet - and I'll apologize to no one for my feelings.


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Concur ShipMaven. I do not think any other president past or present that would have handled the situation any better.