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    Sweetpea29488 Guest

    Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day. Wonderful wishes from wonderful people, hubby took me out for dinner, movie and ice cream afterwards. I really enjoyed the day. Thanks again for being apart of it.

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    connie seabee Guest

    Re: Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes

    Sounds like you had a great birthday. Glad you had a nice celebration.

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    red stripe Guest

    Re: Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes

    Hello Pea.. sorry I missed it. But just read both threads..and this is red's thoughts on birthdays...

    First..... I have yet to reach a birthday that depresses me :) and I have reached a whole lot more than you :lol

    From a time when I was in my teens, I have felt that the worst thing that ever happened was the recording of our birthdates! well.. perhaps the discovery of Mirrors might be worse :grin.

    I remember seeing how my friends got married or reached a certain age and suddenly turned into frumps. The changed the way they dressed as well as what they did.. and always the words were.. "well, now that I am xx, I have to act/dress differently"

    I vowed then that I would not be governed by some date written down somwhere.. but would always act the way I felt.

    If I feel like dancing.. I will dance.. and when I can no longer dance.. I will sit down. But I will not sit down just because someone tells me I am too old to dance!

    So that is reds thoughts..

    Also add to this.. that it is far better to reach that next birthday than not to!

    So enjoy all the years as they roll by, as each one just adds to your experiences and your knowledge.

    so cheers, :cheers

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    Sweetpea29488 Guest

    Re: Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes

    Thanks Red
    :thumb love your thoughts on birthdays. I'll have to remember it's how you feel not how old you really are.


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