98 Years ago today.


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It was 98 years ago today that RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg. Titanic's last remaining survivor, Milvina Dean, passed away just last June.


Here in Las Vegas there is a Titanic exhibit. It used to be at the Tropicana but now it is at the Luxor. It has a lot of artifacts from Titanic including a 15 ton piece of the hull. For anyone visiting here, it is well worth the price of admission.



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Wish I could make a quick trip to see that. Would love to but Alaska coming up soon.

It really is interesting. I remember watching on the news as they moved the huge piece of the hull across the Strip from Tropicana to Luxor on a special truck.

At the beginning of the exhibit they give you a "passport" with the name of one of Titanic's passengers. You take the tour with headsets and a tape recording explaining what you are seeing. At the end of the tour there is a list of survivors and those who perished and you get to see if the name on your passport was one or the other (kinda creepy). I haven't seen it at the Luxor but I assume it is still the same tour.

H2O babe

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Michael - when we were in Vegas last year for spring break we went to the Luxor and really enjoyed the Titantic exhibit. I was on the surviving passenger list but my 20 year old son was not! I highly recommend going if you are in or near Las Vegas. This spring break we flew into Vegas as our gateway to hiking at Zion and Bryce in Utah and I noticed that it's still at the Luxor. If we would have had time in Vegas I would have taken hubby as he wasn't with last year when I went with the boys. It was very well worth the time and money.



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Glad you made it Kay, sorry about your son :whistle: I didn't survive either.

A bit of Titanic Trivia that's related to the movie is that at one of the Titanic cemetaries in Nova Scotia there is the grave of a J. Dawson. I don't know what the J stands for though, probably not Jack. As I understand it, J. Dawson was a crew member, a stoker who shoveled coal in to the boilers. The writers of the movie had no idea there was really a J. Dawson on board. The link will show a picture.



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When I was a little girl my great uncle told us how he missed the Titanic. I was fascinated with this story and from little on my ears always perked up at the mention of that ship. I have been to see every exhibit that has passed thru this area and the one in Branson. I am totally fascinated with this piece of history that could of been a real tragedy in my family. I'm sure if I ever make it to Vegas I will see that one too.

I heard they are going to remake the Titanic in 3D for it's 100th anniversary. I am sure I will be one of the first lined up to see it.