"A Cold Beer In Your Room"



Ok experts I have a question from a beer drinker...
Need some guidance.

There have been many posts about bring booze and wine on board but nothing for us beer drinkers. Is there a policy that I can walk on with a case at each port or do I have to purchase in singles from the bar. Would love to have a stocked mini-bar with a few cool ones. There must be some out there with ideas or rules I show adhere to.
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You can walk on with a case at each port, but chances are pretty good they will take it from you and give it back to you the evening before your cruise ends. Saying that, you have a couple of options - start your cruise by putting beer in a suitcase that is checked in and chances are pretty good it will be delivered to your room intact. As for ports, it's much tougher as all bags go through a x-ray machine (like in airports). I've heard some guys buy 6 packs and put them in a cardboard box and then in a sack and have been successful getting it through.


Just returned from the Caribbean Princess and I put a 6 pack inside of a piece of hardcase luggage and checked it through at dockside (I purchased the beer the night before boarding). I'm not sure I'd be happy doing that with soft sided suitcases, which is exactly why I brought the hardcase one along. Wine they allow onboard, so no need to hide that.


On board, ask a server what beer specials they have. They will bring a bucket with 4 cans packed (at a discount) in ice which saves time and money at the pool. I always get a bucket when I'm going back to the cabin so I can enjoy the sunset from my balcony downing an ice cold brew. Room service also gives the same discount.
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It depends as I have seen some walk on with a 6 pack and NOT be asked ANY questions what so ever and then I have also seen them take it. If its a LOCAL brand of beer from the islands that is NOT served on the ship your chances of getting it to your cabin ARE MUCH Greater. :grin