A question about big guys



My friend who is traveling with me, is a big guy and he would like to swim in the pools as well as the beaches. I told him that he can wear a no sleeves shirt or any t-shirt if he wants and there should be no problem, because he feels embrass about he's weight, even though he's NOT that big. My question is that, on any of your cruises that you guys been on, did any of you see any big guys wear t-shirt in the pools as well as the beaches?And did anybody made fun of them, which they should.

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Listen, you will see all kinds, shapes, and sizes near the pool. From skinny as a rail to Bluto sizes. It is their vacation too. If it doesn't bother them, it sure does not bother us. Don't be surprised by what you see. Part of the fun of cruising is to people watch. Have him do what HE feels comfortable doing.



Listen. I'm not politically correct in any way, shape or form and I don't gloss over the english language.. You say big as in obese? looking at myself, I'd consider myself a big fat slob! :lol:lol:lol, and sometimes encourage my friends, or wife if I'm sitting poolside to please push me back in the water to save me! :lol:lol:lol

Listen. Putting this very bluntly, being on a cruise ain't being on a baywatch tv setting. These are real, everyday people out there. There are no models out there. I don't mean to sound judgemental, all I'm trying to say is go out there, relax, to heck with what people say, <it'll take some nerve to actually say something> or think.

They are just hard working, everyday working folk like you and I.

Go out there and enjoy and let your friend know to just be comfortable with who he is. :thumb


A lot of people wear T shirts to avoid sun burns while snorkleing and even at pool . Enjoy.


OK, I'm 6 ft and 250lbs and working on the South Beach thing and trying to lose 20lbs in 4 weeks. Even if successful, I always wear a t-shirt in public or I take the shirt off right before I jump in and put back on right when I come out.

I don't feel comfortable walking around shirtless because of my fat gut etc...

However, I am very lovable and romantic and any woman would be thankful to have a guy like me!

if I was 50 lbs lighter, I'd have every woman after me and that wouldn't be good so probably best to just lose a few pounds.

Ha Ha


H2O babe

Sodey----you had a great opportunity to lose 10 pounds the week you were eating freeze dried, taste like cardboard food, canoeing in the Boundary Waters!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only person trying to shed a few pounds before a cruise!! Mine isn't till March and to be honest I haven't put much effort in yet! (The good intentions are always there though!)

I plan to go and have a marvelous time, no matter what size I am!!!

Give your buddy some moral support and have a great time!

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I am a male about 5ft 8in and now about 193 lbs. (9 lbs from the recent cruise). I now sometimes swim with a tee shirt on and sometimes take it off. No ever said anything about it and really, I wouldn't care. Actually, most clergymen would also wear a tee shirt out of modesty --like a deacon friend of mine.

I will say that I was in a minority, but like I said before, no one really cared. I may have had SOME eyes on me when I went through the casual restuarant only because they probably were trying to guage my reaction to being COLD with the tee shirt.

And yes, like someone said, your friend will probably see some sights that will make him look and feel like a hunk !!



and please don't use the hot tub as a bathtub. We had that happen on our cruise last year. YUK! We never got in the hot tub............


I am not a guy so maybe I should not answer this question, but hey when do I listen to such things. I know that on another board there was a thread about "fat" people going on cruises. Interesting how just a few persons had a comment against people of size swimming. Most felt that as long as a person, young/old, short/tall, thin/fat, were dressed appropriately it did not matter to them.

I am definitely in the "obese" category, in fact I am in the tent and whale division, but I will be swimming. My comment to the posters in the other thread was this. If anyone has a problem with me swimming it is their problem, not mine and to get over it.

So have fun and enjoy your cruise.



Always keep in mind, if we big men were not around, you who are skinny wouldnt know it lol.. I will be sailing soon, can't wait, I will swim the pools and beaches, not I am not huge, but I am not small either. As Long as my wife loves me, I do not really care what others think, she is the only woman I have to please, and we have been together for 11 years, so I guess I have done a good job.


You would be surprised what you will see around the pool as the drink specials take their effect. Sometimes the bikini's have no chance in covering up the land area too. But i't s one hell of an entertaining time. Hey, were all on vacation, have fun and just respect each other and be nice.



Tell him it's his vacation. Who cares what other people think. Tell him to go SHIRT OFF. A good sun tan will be good for him. If anyone gives him a hard time remember he is BIGGER than they are.

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Hey, my BF is a big guy too (6'5" 385 lbs) he always wears a t-shirt when he swims, it keeps him from sunburning. But remember, the pools on the ship aren't big enough to swim in, they are more like dipping pools, or sitting pools or splash your feet in pools...


This thread got me thinking...... and I have to say that I've never EVER noticed or paid attention to whether or not folks at the pool had on t-shirts. I pay more attention to who's having fun and who isn't. Your friend will have a great time with or without the t-shirt! I'm sure of it!! There are every shape and size out there by the pool.... I doubt anyone will even notice!

Have fun!!!


A fat guy (like myself) is not as disgusting as the ship's officer who came out on the lido deck wearing a banana hammock the last day of my cruise!