A question about big guys



And then some "BIG" guys have all the luck

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I don't know about the pool, but swimming at a beach, it's perfectly ok to wear anything into the ocean, as long as you have something on!


I'm with Karen LOL, This thread also got me thinking. I haven't ever noticed what people wear in the pool or at the beach or whatever. I don't care what people wear really. The biggest turn-off to me though, is definitely men in speedo's. I don't care how good of shape you're in. It is just silly. Some cool looking swim shorts are more sexier to me LOL. But thats just one's opinion and it shouldn't mean a thing to anyone else. If men like to wear speedos go for it, if it makes you feel good about yourself. And if the larger men feel more comfortable wearing a tshirt, well alright go for it. Doesn't make any difference, nobody should even give a rats "butt" what you wear. People that judge others on their looks or size, are just sad. Those who think they're perfect are the ones who are that much further away from being perfect. Remember... Its whats on the inside that counts.

Just you and your friend go on the cruise and have the time of your life, don't worry about others. They're not perfect either, even if they think they are.

Happy Cruising!=whiteflag


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Hey Kim...now this is coming from a guy here, but I really relate to what you said about noticing what people wear. Now if a girl passes in front of me, I will do nothing but just notice and that as they say is that.

But back to the subject at hand. I'm not really interested as to what people wear. And for that matter, I don't really care what people look like. As I've said before. This is the deck of a cruise ship with real working folk who are trying to take a break from their jobs or whatever. This is not Baywatch. This is real life.


my DH is 6'4 and 275lbs and in my opinion, he is incredible!! so.... i dont care what others think, he sure doenst care... we just go and have a blast! you do the same. :)


I'll fess up here, I am a big girl and my DH is a big guy. He is 6"1 and 320 lbs. He has a big gut, always puts his hands on it and says, "Hey, it's bought and paid for". LOL.

WE are through obsessing about weight ! We have tried to lose and will continue to but without as much guilt and over obsession. We will swim with the "skinnies" on our cruise and all the body types for that matter. Judging people is wrong for whatever reason. Tell your friend to have a great time no matter what !

And remember all you ladies, The universal overall average size of the women of the world is a 14 !!!!


Let me chime in for the minority skinny person..... I've never, never looked at another person on the cruise and said "oh my GOD... check out the size of....." If we made eye contact.... I'd start up a conversation, hoping we had something in common to link up later and further enjoy the cruise..... It's just a LARGE group of people looking to have a good time... and if anyone disses' ya, it's their loss for not being willing to get to know you two, regardless of what you wear, look like or a pathetic size. It's a vacation, not a commercial. Giive up your pre-conceived notion... you're not a minority.. you're real.

that's all that mattersl lookin' to have a good time with all......


I agree with the poster who said this isn't Baywatch! haha Everyone of all shapes and sizes has fun. Your friend shouldn't worry about a thing. Take the shirt off! NO ONE will care or notice. Just have FUN.....that's what it's all about! :)


Dear EAP;

From one biggun to another. Wear your t-shirt in the pool, wear it on the deck. DO NOT wear it in the dining room or in the public rooms at night. I personally think belly flop diving should be an Olympic event. Enjoy yourself, food is great, except for those rabbit food salad bars.



I have read this thread a couple times, and finally thought I'd just throw in my 2 cents.

Which is pretty much the same as everyone else's!! LOL

My husband and I are fitness junkies (altho I have about 15 extra pounds on me still), my husband is an amateur bodybuilder; neither of us ever nothice what other people look like --- altho, i have been known to gawk at people with beautiful bodies!! LOL But I have, nor had my husband ever made comment or even notice someone wearing a shirt in the pool. I say do what makes you feel comfortable! :)

And like a lot of other posters noted, there are all shapes and sizes on the ship.

Have a fantastic cruise!!!


I live in Florida and even though there may be a lot of skinnies in thongs @ the beach... there are people @ the beach with T-shirts on ... I AM ONE OF THEM. I am overweight, but I dont do it because of my weight, I do it because I do not like being sunburned. I dont think it is that big of a deal. Lots of people put there kids in t's to keep the sun off, lots of health conscious folks do too! I have never had anyone say anything to me.... and even if they did, I would just tell them I am afraid of getting burned..


who cares what people think. just go have the time of your life. thats what i do. the people that do say stuff are just ignorant.


Ooh ~ I just remembered another point I wanted to make, I wear a t-shirt most of the time I am in the sun, even long sleeves. I am very fair skinned, and between 18-20 I had three very severe sun burns - blisters the whole bit. Along with that, I had sun poisoning. And I use SPF, but am very sensitive to sunlight. I wear sunscreen just to leave the house, so I wanted to back up Tiffany's comment that people wear t-shirts also because they are health conscious. That is an excellent point!!


I second that one Manda...It occured to me <yea, I know, I know, I"m a late bloomer! :lol

I followed all the advice of the staff on board by applying the sun block 30 minutes before I hit the caribbean sun, then I go swimming from the beaches and you know what? It all comes right the heck off. I was in such pain for three straight days. I then said look I'm wearing a tee shirt when I go into the water. I'm not a sun worshipper by any stretch of the imagination and I couldn't care less about tans. To me it's just a useless fad. Whether I have a tan or not, ain't gonna affect my job, my wife, or my house! If it starts to, then I'll go and get a tan. :lol

I do believe as far as the sun block protection numbers I believe after something like 35 it doesn't matter anymore. I don't think a 45 is any better then a 35. Save for the price they get you on and it being phsycosamatic! <sp>