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A review of my Alaskan Celebrity Infinity Cruise 2009 departing from Seattle

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by mikecho, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. mikecho

    mikecho Guest

    This is a review from my Celebrity Infinity trip to Alaska departing
    from Seattle July 3, 2009 and returning back to Seattle July10th 2009:

    Caveat> This was my first cruise and I have nothing else to compare it
    to. I do dine at fine restaurants and my company puts me up a Ritz
    Carltons and Four Seasons. So I understand what is good customer

    The service is good on the ship unless you have an issue which can be
    hard to explain because the majority of the staff are foreigners and
    only speak English as a second language. Usually I don’t like having the gratuity added but since it was good service, I didn’t mind.

    Here are the negatives (now remember I am being nit-picky on some):

    The ship is older and needs to be refurbished. I bed was horrible as
    it sags and was uncomfortable as they needed to replace the matteress.

    Since there are no irons on the ship, I had to get some of my dress
    clothes pressed. They ruined my nice white sports coat but they did
    have me fill out a damage deposit on it. We will see what happens

    I personally got a little seasick. I tried the Transcop patch and it seemed to help. Internet is super slow like the old dial up lines and the prices are a rip off (.65/per min).

    I didn’t think Concierge class was any different than regular class. There was no special treatment for the upgrade. We boarded and debarked with the regular group which went smoothly. Appetizers in your room were not good. Speaking of leaving, I suggest you take the express pass and be the first ones off and carry your own luggage (that way you don’t have to leave it out overnight).

    The food was good and some real good. The buffet is what you expect. The SS United States was good food but some similar to the main dining (tip> make your reservation the day of arrival and you should be able to get the time you want even though they say they are booked up with your travel agent). The only difference was having more people wait on you. The Bistro was not really worth it. Oh go to the one-time Brunch….it was great. Room service was good even though they forget items.

    The gym can get packed the first day and is fair. Didn’t use any pools or spas so I can’t help there.

    TIP on excursion> Don’t buy them on the ship! Save $$ and wait to you get to your port. They are lined up with booths on the exact same excursions for a lot less $$. The ship will tell you that they will wait for you on these excursions that is why to buy them from the ship but if you take the early excursion, you have plenty of time to get back on the ship. We did the Crab Fishing Boat one in Ketchikan and it was totally worth the $$. In Jueano , we did the helicopter glacier tour and paid $220 which was rworth it and eat at twisted fish (great fish tacos). In Victoria, take the big bus tour; it will give you an overview of the area.

    Overall, it was a good cruise. Tons of good entertainment on the ship and some real great talent. Go to the night shows; they are first class. Brent Nixon was also good to see speak.

    Remember to bring clothes pins and extra wire hangers. You will need the space in the closet (tip: store the lifejackets under your bed). Bring air freshener for the bathroom. Bring power strip. Humm...I can't think of anything else....


  2. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    Thank you for taking your time to review. I find your above statement to be quite surprising, as I always thought the specialty restaurants really did crank it up a notch in regards to quality of food. While I have not personally eaten in Celebrity's specialty restaurants, I have found Royal Caribbean's specialty restaurants to be leaps and bounds superior to the main dining room. Perhaps recent cutbacks?

    Also, what you do mean by saying "they are booked up with your travel agent"?

    Finally, do you recall when boarding in Seattle began?
  3. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    I have always said that the Specialty restaurants were all about service and the food was "OK" Interesting that a first timer would agree with me.

    Glad you had a good experience Mike

    Hope you stick around to lend your thoughts and idea's for others.
  4. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    because the majority of the staff are foreigners and
    only speak English as a second language.

    Sorry, but I got a good belly laugh from that. All crew on all cruiselines are international and it's fascinating to get to hear more about their countries. I hardly consider them "foreigners" and they must speak perfect English to be employed on the ship. Accents for sure, but that just makes the trip all the most exotic.
    Glad you enjoyed the cruise
  5. mikecho

    mikecho Guest

    OK...Ok...I feel stupid....I meant foreigner to me as in the USA....I forgot that duh...it was an international cruise line...It
    s like saying do you speak Mexican? And I disagree about the perfect english part...I know in the USA it is hard to understand some people but there some were real hard to understand due to the thick accents...But they are all nice workers that will do anything for you...Too bad people in the USA didn't appreciate there jobs like the cruise ships.....

  6. AJ coast

    AJ coast Well-Known Member

    Putting things into perspective...

    I don't think most citizens of the USA would want to live on a $50-100 base wage/month, dependency entirely on tips, plus 14-16 hour work days (on embarkation/debarkation days the average sleep the crew gets is 4-6 hours), and cramped quarters. But for those who come from less fortunate backgrounds in third world countries, the money can speak wonders back home.

    CRUZINQUEEN Active Member

    Cruise Staff

    At my work, about 75% of people I deal with have interpreters in the good ole USA. I have never had a problem communicating with cruise staff, and as you say the cruise staff have always gone way out of their way to be of service.....I agree with AJ, most of us could not and would not deal with the cruise staff working conditions, and that goes a long way in being a little patient with communications.

    "Treat others as you wish to be treated"

    Many of us learned it as children, sometimes we forget.....

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