A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.....but what's with your name?


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Some of my favourite people on board here call me SeamoN...not sure what they think I was getting at with that name but after many years of chuckling when I see it in print (but very happy to see it to know I'm remembered!!!) I just want to clarify that I am really SeamoM. Trust me that it hasn't bothered me one way or another because there are no other names similar here so I know you mean me, though it astounds me how many there seem to be out there, when I try to register that name elsewhere as a pseudonym!

This type of thread has been started before but it's always fun for us oldies to remember and for the newbies to share why they chose their 'pen'name...and it's a nice way to start the new year getting to know each other again ...Happy New Year, Y'all!.

I came here to C@ in 2000 (?) when we were going to go on a cruise with my son. I'd been on solo cruises before marriage but wasn't sure how to go about some of the details with kid in tow and found this spot exploring for information. My son's been on three cruises and hubby and I have actually had a mini one alone since.

How about you?
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Well, my name is Denise and when we were little my sister called me "Neecy" that was taken and I came up with "Niecie" and added the Z for our last name hence "Nieciez"


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I used popcorn when we used to use a CB radio. We were Peanuts, Popcorn & Cracker Jack in the 70's. Now I am still using popcorn. peanuts is now alfer & cracker jack is now rizon.



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The first time I posted on any online site was at the old Cruise2 board. I wasn't feeling at all creative and used my own first name. That site became quite nasty and John created this one...when I registered here (which was within a day or two of the board's creation) I just kept using Beryl!


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I go by two names. When I originally started in the very early 1990's, I was on the Prodigy Classic cruise board - my name was CrystalLady, which I retain the few times I post on another board.

When I found my home here, I decided on a different name. My love is for ships, and I think I have a fair knowledge of them...hence, ShipMaven.


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I was not very creative when I register on Cruise Addicts for the first time February 1999. So my nickname Jeanie is my board name
SeamoM christened us when she posted for us years ago, I sometimes wish it was a shorter user name as sometimes I am too lazy to sign in! Red shortens it to seagrandparents which would be better, maybe one day I will renew..

red stripe

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When I first came to the computer, I figured that it would be best if I used a name that did not reveal sex.

Around that time my sis, bro, mum and I had taken a cruise, and on one island, Martin said we had to try the "red stripe" beer.. so he bought a case of it.
He put it on our poor mums lap (she was in a wheelchair) and rolled her back onto the ship.. telling the crew that mum just LOVED her beer:biggrin: Poor mum was so embarrassed.

This was back when the restrictions for bringing on alcohol was less restrictive.

Anyway.. I remembered that fun time, and so chose that name.


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When I got my first computer, it was also my first time having access to the internet and I signed up with AOL (when AOL was just a baby....lol). I had to come up with a name on AOL and since I love looking up into the night sky and seeing the stars......hence the name NiteStar.

Gramma Ann

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Many year ago - when I played with the dinosaurs:whistle:- I worked at a grocery store. When our first grand child was born the manager began calling me Gramma Ann. It stuck :biggrin:


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My real name is actually Karen. When I went to college my then boyfriend decided to surprise me by having my mail box completely filled with letters and cards-this was of course, WAY before computers. For some reason he addressed everything to Karry. When I emptied my cubby hole there were a bunch of upper classmen waiting to see who this popular person was! They already "knew me" by Karry because of the mail, so it became my nickname in college. When I came on to register here for some reason it wouldn't accept "Cruisin' Karen" so I settled for Cruisin' Karry. (now wasn't that a fun story!!?? :doubledown::doubledown:)


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I spent a long time....... hours and hours in fact, I wanted it to be complex, alluring, different, dark and secretive, with an air of suspense and intrigue....................

Then it struck me, I had to be able to remember it.


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I spent a long time....... hours and hours in fact, I wanted it to be complex, alluring, different, dark and secretive, with an air of suspense and intrigue....................

Then it struck me, I had to be able to remember it.
But you didn't even learn to spell it correctly.

It's bOB, not bob!!!:whistle: