A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.....but what's with your name?


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Well, I started out using my first initial and last name "Tread". Seemed appropriate at the time. Then I cruised with a group and everyone kept calling me Tread. Sometimes I didn't realize they were talking to me because I was not used to being called by my pseudonym. Since I'd rather be called by my first name when out with friends, I requested my login name to be changed to my first name, Tobyn. John was nice enough to oblige. :thankyou:

Now when people call me I am more likely to respond! LOL


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Tobyn, I remember when you changed your name. Maw was not amused. If I remember correctly, the first couple of months she kept calling you TOBY. Red, I registered as Cruisin' Karry. I honestly JUST noticed the Cruisin' wasn't there! :whistle:


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I registered as Cruisin' Karry. I honestly JUST noticed the Cruisin' wasn't there! :whistle:
LOL that is too funny Karen! Actually in the early years of @ddicts I used both "Nieciez" and "DeniseZ" because at that time you couldn't be kept logged on on two different computers (work or home)...so I was Nieciez at home and DeniseZ at work. Once the cookie thing changed I dropped the DenizeZ but I can still log in as that I think. Don't know why I didn't drop the nieciez and keep the DeniseZ:shrug:
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This is a funny thread!
I especially like the Cruisin' Karry mystery... :biggrin:

When I was a kid I always took photos of the funnels of ships. My sister always commented this with a "you are crazy"-laugh. Many years later, when she got a digital camera she started to take photos of funnels and mailed them to me as soon as she saw a ferry or cruise ship.
It was not difficult to choose "funnel" at C@, but I always sign my postings with my true name so I don't forget it. :whistle:



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A long time ago, in a land far, far away ...

During (what I shall prefer to call) a "romantic interlude", the young lady I was with nuzzled in close and whispered in my ear, "Oh Calgon, take me away ... ".

I began laughing ...

She stormed off; dressing as she walked down the street ...

Being the young (stupid) fool that I was, I went back to my barracks, and told my buddies. From that day on, it was, "Hey Calgon ... " this and "Hey Calgon, ... " that.

The name stuck ...


MAW is actually my initials. When I tried to sign on Aol in beginni8ng had to add gen as my hobby genalogy. My kids and their friends have called me Maw for years and I am comfortabe with it. after all I am alsmost old enough to be everyones mother who post. I do think of you as my kids even Alf. lol


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I had no imagination when I registered. I used my first name and the last two digits of a childhood ZIP code. There have been several times I thought of changing it, yet I still have no imagination.


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Well, what can I say. We hadn't had a computer too long when I found this site. So being computer challenged, I had absolutely NO imagination when it came to logging in & as someone else said "I had to be able to remember it" so I logged in with my name & beginning of my last name.


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John as in John Jr.. my wife calls me Big Daddy!! :) Val I thought the same about S&M.. lol

Karen.. Karry.. I've never seen Cruisin' thats a hoot!

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:whistle:....back in 2004...

MARK...(who later came to be known as -Cruise Hubby)..:) was looking for up to date info on Golden Princess for our upcoming B/B in 2005..so for about 2 months he lurked grabbing new info here,and there..one weekend while home from work( back then I was a full-time Dental Nurse-Monday -Thursday).. yapping with him about cruising, and he showed me the site and info..I saw the Community forum mentioned..and was so curious about a place that seemed to thrive on just sharing in a real personal way.and everyone was really kind versus another place he checked.:whistle:

that we won't mention..they scared me!!..:(..

..well I had to of all things register!! and I was ding dong about computers..( still am)..and so I figured I better be a Cruise ...something..and while we were pondering..Mark addressed me and his nickname for me is "cutie"..

so in sheer self defense I was like OK..what do you think??.works for me??..and he was like.. it fits for sure!!..and that was that.. so that's how Cruise cutie came to be..
and when he has to help the ding dong wife with links, or photos..he had to register..so I coined him for Cruise Hubby..( cause that's what he is..:smile:..)..and it's what it is....:)..Joanne


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Denise, you are so very recognizable when posting with the name neiciez that I don't think it would ring a bell if I saw DeniseZ, but the weird thing is that I always CALL you and think of you as Denise... and love that your last name starts with Z. I am Y and it's a pain being the end of the alphabet, so nice that someone is behind me! (My maiden name started with a G!)
Calgon, ROFLMAO....oh, man, you have lived a wild and crazy life! :banana::dance::loungelizaed:

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Here's how Cuervo came about., On our first cruise, 1/30/1999, on the Veendam, some friends talked me into entering a Tequila shooter contest in Mexico. I won the contest and the nickname Cuervo was born.