A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.....but what's with your name?


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My real name is Glorya (don't ask... it's on my birth certificate. My mom gave all three of us girls weird spellings...). One of my bosses used to call me GloBug, so that is the name I use on line.

One of the supervisors used to call me G-Lo. I really liked that one! :boogie: Maybe I should change my screen name...


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I have had Duskbat for many years. I think it started in 1993. Honestly I do not remember how I figured out this name I have used online since. I was very young back then and in highschool. My name duskbat is a mystery to me as it is to everyone. I try to think back but I cant remember how it came too.
I love bats tho. maybe i saw a picture of a bat or something. before duskbat i was Cyberxx


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No imagination here either. Used first initial and last name. Full name is Karin Popperwell. Usually go by "KP" but thought it was too short. My initials have always been KP. Porter by birth and Popperwell by marriage.


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G-Lo? Nah. You're unique. Not a Pop-star wanna be.

Don't change ... Life wouldn't be the same without a GloBug around ....

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I came to this board when my mom and daughter and I were going to take our first cruise. That was in 2002. I used to be a dance teacher and I love the beach. When I would be leaving for work my husband used to say "oh, it's tiptoes night." I put that together with my love of ballet and my love of the beach.


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This thread has definitely been enlightening and fun to read.

gloreebee is because first name is Gloria and so I thought Gloree B -- a crazy gal so I would use gloreebee as my "handle". I love to laugh, kid, pull legs, use puns and tell things on myself that others would want to hide == all because I find laughter something that keeps "life" within me and helps me overcome many situations that would make many people depressed. I like to share smiles with everyone.


connie seabee

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I found this site in Sept 2001 a week after 9/11. I wanted to plan a cruise and not let fear control my life.

I tried and tried to be creative with a board name, but to no avail, I used my initals CB turned it too SEA BEE. then later on I put my name in front Connie Seabee. Many of times I have thought of changing it to just Connie CB. Someday I'll get around to it.

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KK All of us who were here before Aug 2004 have that as our join date due to a board re-set. I believe I actually joined sometime in February 2000.
unfortunate that this type of history was lost over the years.
herb was the first poster on this board when John started it in July of 1999, Einstein and I and a few others were right behind him.. fleeing the nasty stuff on the old cruise2 board.

so dates are wrong in a lot of cases.. and also post counts, as some of us have lost thousands of posts along the way.. I finally ended up keeping a tally of my posts.. not for any other reason than curiosity.
Other than that it has little meaning.. other than to show you just how much time you spend on the board:biggrin:

I know that there have been a few names over the years that I wondered about.
It is fun to see how we ended up who we are.



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Hopped over here from Cruise2 in late 99. My name was borrowed from my sidekick "Einstein the Golden" who got his name from the dog in the book titled "The Watchers" by Dean Koontz.

Some also say I look a bit like the Ole Guy. :biggrin:

Believe me when I say I wish I had half his smarts. :doubleup:

I originally registered on this site as Cdncruiser and lurked for a while. Then I booked the Dawn Princess and Amber - Burbunny found me on another site and directed me back here. I couldn't for the life of me remember my password for Cdncruiser so had to think of another one ....

I live on the West Coast of Canada and I cruise .... hence WCoastCdnCruisers. I would truly love to take my history under this name and move it to Cdncruiser .... if it is possible?

boB - is it true, you have dropped the Capital B ??? I love your posts, they make it so much fun to read!

Thanks everyone, it's great learning how the names we know each other by came to be ... and Tobyn .... I'm so sorry, but I still think of you as Tread first ... we sailed on the Dawn Princess together!



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Karry, I think I remember seeing Cruisin’ in front of your name….when you mentioned it, it sounded familiar. Red, I remember the fun we had trying to figure out if you were a man or woman…..fun times. Nieciez…..I remember when you would post under both names and the cookie problems then too….we’ve come a long way haven’t we? Tobyn I remember you as Tread also and the fun story of how you and Bread actually decided on your names…..very cute story. E…..you really do look more like the famous guy you are posing next to versus the 4 legged friend smiling in the other photo…….although, you can’t go wrong in choosing your furry best friend as your screen name…….

[FONT=&quot]Our story is goes back too before the birth of Cruise-Addicts also, on the old Cruise2 board. My husband’s middle name is Rock, but people have called him Rocky since he was a small child. A highschool friend began calling him Rocster one day and he liked it. I never posted before we got married because I wasn’t very comfortable in doing that, but when I started, I decided on mrsrocster. I know, not very original but it works for us. [/FONT]


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:sunny: I remember you Laurey!~ might walk right by you on the street now but I remember talking to you onboard CH@OS on the Dawn! :cheer:

And as hard as I try...I think fondly of the man I met and called TREAD....not T...read....TREAD...but I'm trying to get my mind around Tobyn if I meet you again......but what about BREAD! :p
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