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For those of you who pray would you please add my brother, Kent? He found out yesterday he has colon cancer and will be in surgery Monday. I have only 1 sibling and he is much younger than me and distance prevents me from being there as he faces this surgery. My prayer is that it has not spread and the surgeon can remove it completely to start the healing.

Thank you in advance.

Gloria aka glo-ree-bee

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Oh Gloria -- I am so sorry to read this.

Many prayers for your brother and you and all family members to get through this difficult time.

I certainly hope that the surgery will go very well for Kent.


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Positive thoughts coming from overseas for your brother.
I hope that the surgery will go well for Kent.



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Thank you, thank you. I have never felt so surrounded with the power of love through your prayers and I am sending all your comments on to my brother.

They removed the tumor today and he is now in ICU for 3 days while they await the report from the lab about lymph nodes etc. He does NOT have to have a "bag" (good news). No invasion to the liver (hooray). The doctor did say it had "touched" the back wall of the stomach and they would be watching that. Question --- if it had infiltrated the stomach would they not have cut that part of stomach instead of just closing him up????? They said he did very well heart wise since he had had a heart attack 2 weeks ago so they were worried about that. I do feel that the many prayers that went up in behalf of Kent helped because they were HEARD. I can't thank you enough. Now one more request could you please say Kent sometime during each day of the next 3 days in hopes and prayers that the cancer is not found anywhere else? Our family would so appreciate it and I feel as though your prayers definitely helped for this first part of getting him through the initial surgery.

I am here for you ANY TIME you need prayer support.

Love ya,

Gloria aka glo-ree-bee