A suitcase full of alcohol and a blender to boot



I would like to find out more about the Thunderstick too!

Nancy -It figures I would find you reading this post too. :)


=twobeer HI WOOWOO =crazy ... yea, trying to make room for more booze LOL

Just 6 more weeks =clap


It's horrendous to think what might have happened to the "party goer" at 3 30 in the morning. It would be a very fortunate thing to find the remains in one piece.

It's not the sharks I'd worry about. The ship's props cause a gigantic sucking action and will take in anything and eject it at the rear.

Here's an interesting read. Let's go back to the 42,000 ton Titanic when she was pulling out of Southhampton. Inching at a very slow speed out into open ocean, the sucking action of her huge props actually yanked the Amerika from her mooring lines and Titanic was in grave danger because the Amerika was being pulled and sucked towards the Titanic and a collision seemed iminant. untill Master E.J. Smith reversed the engines, causing the reverse action. Pretty cool eh?

So let's come back to the Carnival Ship. Twice as heavy, going at full speed with a 150 lb man overboard

If the waves here high combined with the water that the vessel forces away from it's hull, I'd hate to be under that wave.

And in the darkness of night yet. God rest his soul.


I just back from the Majesty and took a flask of Bacardi Limon. I have to say it goes great with the lemonade available in the Windjammer.

The Works

Oh the thunderstick!!!

Ours is made from Braun (sp). Santa brought it for me last Christmas (bought at Sam's) and it gets used all of the time. It's holder is attached near my kitchen sink for quick clean ups!

It is a well made one and crushes ice like crazy, makes great milkshakes ( a metal milkshake container comes with it), smooths gravies, well you get the idea.

Ours came with a chopping container (works great for onions and stuff like that) but you have to be careful that. This is so powerful the onion can turn to mush pretty quickly.

I am very careful when I clean it. That thing would take your fingers off in a second!!!!

I can't wait to take that baby on my next 2 cruises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tried a new drink this weekend that would go very well with that "thunder stick" called a blue posicle. 6oz lemonade, 1 shot raspberry vodka, crushed ice. Childhood was never this good!!!