A Word About Captain Marvins in Grand Cayman



This was an excellent tour!!! I cant say enough good things about them. When we first arrived at the boat they take you out on, we were introduced to the crew. My first thought was that I might be disapointed because all these guys were fairly young, early 20's maybe. So I didnt expect their tour to be, um.... how to say it... I didnt expect these young guys to give much attention to making our tour as good as I had heard it would be. I was WRONG! They were very polite, very informative, and incredibly helpful. We had our 2 kids along ages 10 and 8... they went into the water when we first arrived at Stingray City, but then became overwhelmed and frightened (even though nothing bad had happened) so they went back to the boat and sat on that ledge at the rear of the boat (I dont know what thats called). The main tour guide actually brought a sting ray all the way back to the boat and held it for them to touch for several minutes. He gave them the same attention and show that he gave all of us out on the sand bar. Then he stood there with them so they could pet and play with the stingray without actually being in the water with them. They took time to make sure everyone got a chance to feed the rays, and get their pictures taken, we all got to hold one if we wanted. They were very reassuring to those who were nervous. Even though these guys do this every day, they were quite conscious of making the trip memorable for us all. We HIGHLY recommend this company. Even though I've already done this tour now, I will do it again ~ it was that good!

Melissa M

We are taking our first cruise in March and have been reading up on possible excursions to take. I don't think I have read anyhing negative about Capt. Marvins and am looking forward to booking it soon. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


It's so nice that the kids had that experience. Made them feel "safe" out of the water. It might be a good idea for you to write to Capt. Marvin and let him know about this. It isn't every day someone gets the praise they deserve. You could mention the date and time you were there and he will know who was working at that time. What nice guys to do this for the kids. You don't see that every day. I'm glad you all had such a nice time.


When we took the tour with Captain Marvin's, the guide actually dived down to the base of the jetty and using pieces of squid, lured a nurse shark and a moray eel from under the rocks while we watched from the surface. These folks do a first class tour.


Thanks, Nat! We just booked the deal of the century, and will be in Grand Cayman on 12/20. We're heading for Captain Marvin's as soon as we leave the tender.


I have to agree. This is the best tour we have ever taken anyway. We also got to see the nurse shark and moray eel. It was quite an experience. And the guides are just wonderful, I can't say enough how fabulous this tour was. I would do it again in a heartbeat next time I am in Grand Cayman.


Thanks for the post Natalia. Wife and I are going next month and you convinced me to book with Capt. Marvin's. Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks!


Can you tell me more about this Cpt. Marvin's excursion? Is it booked through the ship or is he on his own? What does he charge? We are going to Grand Cayman on Brilliance of the Seas and would like more infor on this. Thanks so much