AAA DOES cover some pet meds costs, along with Walgreens!



My sister called me, and asked how Kiefer's legs were doing. I mentioned buying this expensive joint supplement, and she asked me if I knew that Walgreens and AAA covered some pet's meds! That's twice I've heard about this now. So, I had to search on the net for info. It took a few minutes, but this is what I found.

BTW, my search for participating pharmacies also showed Longs, Rite-Aid, Target, Safeway, Sav-On, Costco....

AAA Prescriptions Savings Program

AAA Prescription Savings is not an insurance plan. Savings are only available at participating pharmacies.
Your savings may vary by pharmacy, prescription strength, dosage and quantity. The AAA Prescription Savings program only covers medications dispensed through a pharmacy. Heartworm or flea/tick prevention medications are not covered. Savings figures are compared to the usual and customary prices and may include home delivery. The program administrator may obtain manufacturer rebates and other fees based on your prescription drugs. These rebates and other fees may be retained by the program administrator or shared with you and/or your pharmacy. Cannot be combined with any other discounts. Certain prescription claims through this program may not be eligible for reimbursement through government-sponsored programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.


AAA Prescription Savings
AAA Members whose prescriptions are not covered by insurance can now save on prescription medications:

* 15% average discount on brand-name
* 35% average discount on generic

These savings are available at more than 59,000 pharmacies nationwide...Start saving today by printing your FREE AAA Prescription Savings Card and presenting it at a participating pharmacy on your initial visit. You can use your AAA Prescription Savings Card any time your prescription is not covered by insurance or ... if your co-pay is high. AAA Prescription Savings cannot be used in combination with any other medical insurance plan you may have. Pet prescriptions are also included. (Heartworm or flea/tick prevention medications are not covered.)

This program is free to AAA members and includes access to online health resources:

* AAA Prescriptions Saving Card
* Look up Drug Coverage & Pricing
* Locate a Pharmacy
* Extra Savings on Drugs at Mail
* Drug Dictionary
* Drug to drug interaction checker
* Refill your Mail Order Prescriptions
* Health and wellness information

(See Disclaimers/Conditions).


Well, I have really good prescription coverage for us, but for our dog, the only time I've had to get antibiotics for her, I got them from our vet in a little envelope. So are you saying that for large amounts of animal prescriptions that these are filled at regular pharmacies? Don't mean to sound stupid here, just haven't ever been down that route. Thnx!


Sometimes dogs take human meds, sometimes for the rest of their lives, as maintenance drugs. My cat for instance takes Phenobarbital because she has epilepsy. My understanding is that if your pet takes human drugs, you can get them at a discount through participating pharmacies with your AAA prescription card.