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Additional Tipping....?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by ron123, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. ron123

    ron123 Guest

    Age old question.... and tipping is a personal thing..... However, I am interested to know as to how many cruisin' folks generally tip (more than the per diem charge on Princess) or add a buck or two for 'little extras' such as room service, extra towels, etc.

    I generally do not tip or have not tipped extra for room service or little extras on either of my first two cruises on the Grand, Western Caribbean 2/02, or the Star, Mexican Riveria 2/03. I do leave the regular per diem charge stay on my bill. My partner and I discussed this and concluded that that is what Princess thinks there service is worth.....

    One exception was our wait staff, she worked extra hard to please us, at the permanent table in the personal choice dining room. I gave her a 20.00 at the end of the week.

    I have read most of the recent threads on here in the last few weeks and have read that some folks mention an 'extra buck or two for little things. Perhaps my expectations are very high, but I feel that calling room service for food, or asking for extra towels are just normal service that is regular work on the employees shifts.

    Also i'm not super well off, or poor, however no one has ever paid me extra to do my job!!! any and all thoughts are welcome. You just might change my mind!
  2. p.g.

    p.g. Guest

    Well, you have some good points , but I always gave the room service person a buck or two,. My reason was that it wasn't our cabin steward who brought our tray, it would be some poor guy who still probaly is pretty low on seniority and they are trying to work their way up the ladder. They don't get paid much and they don't get the bigger tips that some of the staff do. If my order arrived very late ( never has) or was incomplete or cold ( never has been ) I would problay think twice before tipping or I might still tip but just a buck.
    The extra towel thing I would play by ear, I mean if my cabin steward had the towels handy, like if he had that rolling cart nearby) I might not tip, but if it was the second time I'd asked for towels( and recieved them) and I know I was calling him away from his other work then I would problay tip abuck. I'd just see how it goes,
  3. cruiseryyc

    cruiseryyc Guest

    We always tip the room service waiter a couple of bucks, and have always tipped everyone else more than what Princess suggests. The only people we don't usually tip are the Head Waiter and Maitre D - if they haven't done anything for us they don't deserve a tip. However the Room Steward, Waiter and Assistant Waiter have always deserved more then what was suggested.
  4. DJA

    DJA Guest

    Pretty much the same as you... If the cabin steward or waiter were really good, we'd give them an extra $20 over the per diem (the extra towels thing would fall under that). Same for the assistant waiter -- maybe $10 or $15. I've never altered the per diem charges on the room account, but if I ever got bad service I wouldn't hesitate. As for Head Waiters, I think I tipped one once when she really helped out with a dining switch. In my opinion they just don't ever seem genuine to me, they're just going through the motions. For all I know they could be the glue that holds the whole operation together, but they rarely if ever do anything that would compel me to give them a tip. Not exactly sure where all that per diem money goes, maybe some goes to the head waiters, but every time I ask they say it doesn't.

    I never use room service so I can't say there... I think my wife said she gave him a couple of bucks when she ordered some breakfast once. For me, tipping is sort of a gut reaction -- it would be more about the attitude of the room service steward than the quality of the food. They don't have total control over the food they deliver, but they do with their attitude. If they were friendly and helpful I'd probably give them $2-3 bucks. If they were grumpy I wouldn't give them anything. I use room service in hotels all the time and that's the rule I apply there.
  5. gclark

    gclark Guest

    I would REALLY like to hear what people with children do for tipping. Do they give the standard .... nothing.... or a reduced amount. We bring our 3 children with us on vacation and always over tip for my wife and I.......but what do other couples with children really do!!
  6. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    I always tip the room service personnel, as has been said, they are not included in the tip pool and are at the low end and make little.
  7. Room service $2 each time. Towels, as stated above, if they have to make an extra trip for them.. But have tipped $10 at the beginning of the cruise to ensure the extra towels. Have tipped wait staff extra if exemplary service. By the same token have deducted x amount for crappy, disinterested, or rude staff.
  8. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    Always tip for room service, as they are not included in any other tip pool. Often tip the steward and dining staff extra if they go above and beyond for me with special requests (certain things in the room I prefer that they remember after being asked once, special food requests, etc.)
  9. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    If it's delivered by someone other than our cabin steward, getting room service delivered deserves an extra tip, IMO. Usually $5 from us, as there are 4 of us. If we just order drinks, then it's $3. If someone from housekeeping delivers extra towels or whatever and it isn't our reg. cabin steward, we tip about $3.

    We have always tipped the suggested amount, even when it wasn't earned (not my decision that one time). We usually give the cabin steward, waiter & asst. waiter extra because they seem to earn it. If they don't, they get the recommended tip amount.

    I think it's a matter of priorities. Good service is a HUGE thing with us - DH works in the service industry and we're willing to reward those that go the extra mile. It means A LOT to us and can make a good cruise a great one. :)
  10. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Gclark - For the kids, we have always tipped the full amount. It used to be with Princess that it was recommended that you tip half the adult amount, but that was before we started cruising in 1999.
    So, when you add the tips times 4 people, it really adds up, not to mention the kids' program counselors. If our kids have participated in the program and enjoyed themselves, we always tip at least $20 to each counselor and usually more.
  11. gvb1969

    gvb1969 Guest

    Tipping is optional....If someone waits for the tip or puts out that hand...as in the movie "Home Alone" i am ready to put in the chewing gum...If the service is better than good ie; the tray put on the table , we are asked to inspect and the glasses are set up , napkins set out, silver ware placed on napkins, this shows me I count as the customer and I am usally generous with a tip, generally between $3 - $5 . If the tray is dumped on the table and they are rushed, I pull out 4 quarters and close the door. Generally the message is gotten!!! My husband will hand a $20 dollar bill to the buttler at the beginning of the cruise explaining our likes and dislikes. We have never had a bad time. My husband hands the cabin stewart $10 at the beginning with a list of likes and dislikes. They have always been wonderful. We always have extra towels, shampoo, soap, pilows, etc. Our waiter also is given $20.00 the first night. Extra Lobster, deserts and goodies were always put in front of us with a smile..My hubby loves chocolate ice cream with syrup and whip cream..does not like fancy deserts, just chocolate ice cream. To show the dedication to please, chocolate ice cream was not available at dinner..but my hubby had it...every night. !! so like i say...tipping is optional...but an EXCEPTIONAL CRUISE only costs $50 ... As for the head waiter, we always tip him/her because they are the person that holds everything together and handing him $20.00 if you find yourself in an awkward seating assignment will quarranty a much better arrangement. As for the servers of drinks during the day...If we use thier service for one time..no extra tip is given, if we are out on the deck, or in the show and they are ontop of the empty glasses yes a few dollars is given.. I will say once that is done, these servers seek you out and are always making sure your glass is full...go figure!
  12. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Always tip for room service as well and hand out envelopes at the end of the crusie on top of the daily tip for those that are deserving. :thumb

  13. jwave

    jwave Guest

    Always tip full for children. Always tip room service $1-2. Usually tip extra for steward and waiter. Steward usually gets the extra up front. Always have exceptional service. I am sure it is nice for them to know they won't be stiffed. Sadly, this happens all to frequently.
  14. n12290

    n12290 Guest

    We are relatively new to cruising, having taken four cruises on Princess ships in thte past two years. We never ask for room service or eat dinner in the dining room, preferring the informality of the Lido Cafes. My wife thinks it's demeaning to ask others to serve us. We pay the $10/day each that Princess suggests. Does anyone think we should tip extra?
  15. p.g.

    p.g. Guest

    n12290, Why would you tip more? You already tip , and you don't sound like you ask for any extra services so it would be silly to tip more. Please tell your wife that having some one serve you is not demeaning, that infers that serving is a less than honourable job. I have served people and I LIKED it, I did that sort of a job because I personally couldn't imagine sitting behind a desk and doing paperwork, too boring!!( for me) We all need to serve someone, might be our children , or our husband, our parents , our church family or for most of us, our boss at work. Serving is an honourable task and being served is something we should all learn to accept with grace when it is our turn to be served.
    Just my opinion, but get that wife of yours into the dining room at least one evening!!
    The staff don't hate serving, they are just like you and me, they have good days and bad days but most of them LOVE their jobs( they wouldn't last long if they didn't money or no)
  16. Rogster

    Rogster Guest

    I am new to cruising. From reading all your posts, it looks like I should be prepared to give out additional tips during my upcoming cruise. That brings up the question of what to bring on board with me. Do you folks bring a wad of Bills with you, or do you bring travellers checks and cash them at the Pursers Desk, or do you get a cash advance against your account?
  17. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    You can do it any number of ways, but this is what usually works for us:

    Cash in separate envelopes for the 'regulars' - (waiter, asst. waiter, head waiter and cabin steward, kids' program counselors and an "extra tips" envelope which holds money for anyone that has earned more than the suggested amt.) Keep it in the safe and don't spend it - it's much easier to set it aside in the beginning.

    Lots of 1's and 5's for baggage handlers at the airport, pier, hotel, ship room service, etc.

    Travelers' Checks to pay off the cruise account before leaving the ship.

    I think most people just charge everything to their credit card. I suppose it's easier to do it, but it bugs me, so we don't. Whatever works for you!
  18. Rogster

    Rogster Guest

    Lady Jag, thank you very much for the help. One less thing to think about before our trip.
  19. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Hey, that's what I figure. Get it handled before you leave and then you don't have to think about again until the end of the cruise! Have a great cruise!! :thumb :)
  20. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    We do pretty much what LadyJag does. We always tip for room servive as it is an extra service and is not part of the regular tipping process. If you were staying at a hotel, room service prices usually already include the tip. But since cruise room service is free we tip extra a couple of $$ it depends on how much they have to carry. Also bring extra singles and five's for tipping porters and room service etc. If our waiters and room steward have done a great job we always tip extra also. We also give our room steward or stewardess $10.00 at the beginning of the cruise and ask for our extra towels and any other things we need. The staff works hard and a dollar or two here and there goes a long way and they deserve it. If any member of the staff goes above and beyond we tip them even if the tip is included in the bar bill. The tips included in the bill a very small and they are fine unless the person does something special and then we feel they deserve more. We also tip the same amount for a child as we would an adult. Most lines suggest this. And whenever we have brought a little one along the staff has done double duty to please them and this includes the head waiter.

    Laurie :wave

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