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We went on the Carnival Valor during the same time period you did two years ago. Out of 3,000 passengers, 1,000 of them were kids. I had no idea that many kids have the "President's Day" whole week off for vacation and/or holiday.
That explains a lot, thanks.

Note to my brain:

Do not travel during POTUS Birthday Week.
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I think its unusual but my sister was on HAL in July to Alaska and there were kids everywhere ( she had done same cruise before on same line and there were only a few kids in the past)


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I would think so especially in July when it is daylight for 24 hours per day or pretty close to it. I can also see a problem getting the kids to bed at say 11:00 pm while it is bright sun shine outside.
That's what an inside separate cabin is for.

I have been traveling RCL/(almost spring break) Celebrity all times of the year & different itineraries and Hal mostly early or late season to AK but once during summer months and never have run into any problem with kids. (touch wood)


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Never heard of them myself personally. For the type of cruises I am interested in would leave from the gulf coast or Florida to the Caribbean. Do they serve any of those ports.
Well, you've heard of them now. You will find these luxury line seasonally in either Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

Well I have only been on one cruse to date so I am inexperienced. However the dates we went I assumed there would not be that many children on 2-19-2011 to 2-26-2011. I still have not figured that out yet. That is not spring break period to my knowledge. I talked to some of the parents and most were from the Northeast USA which was still frozen. Beats me what was going on.
You picked a family friendly line and one of the more family friendly ships of that line. As to the date you picked, I would assume you hit the President's Day/week vacation time.


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I'm just past the 50 mark. I would recommend a 10 day out of FLL on the Emerald Princess. It rotates the itenerary between the southern carribean and Aruba. There isn't that many kids onboard and it's port intensive like you are looking for and out of Florida. I would hold off on HAL for now. They are really catered more for seniors (I know I'll get attacked for that statement but it's based on my experience).

I like RCCL but the larger ships are catered for families. I haven't the desire to try the Oasis or Allure yet. Too big for my tastes.