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Advice for April 18th Cruise to Bemuda from NYC

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Isanix23, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Isanix23

    Isanix23 Active Member

    HI all you past cruisers... I am looking for some advice and help on my family cruise on April 18th to Bermuda. I am concerned with the weather, has anyone been to bermuda in april? Is the weather swimming weather? Can we use the pool on ship and swim in the ocean? Also, does anyone have any recommendations on shore excursions? Dolphins? Beach? What is a must see on this island? We have two children a boy (9) and a girl (6).
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. cruisinreunion

    cruisinreunion Active Member

    We are also going with you on this sail date. We are hoping for nice warm water also, but it seems that might be unlikely:bawl: but we are from New England so I am hoping for the best. My kids are used to swimming in Maine ocean waters so I am sure it will seem warm to us:biggrin:There are several of us listed on the roll call on 'Cruise Critic", all ages and some with kids and somewithout. I have girl-15, boy-12 and girl-10 and our friends kids are 13 and 24, both girls. but a variety of other ages are going with. This is our spring break so I imagine there will be plenty. My DH and I have been to Bermuda before, without the kids, and absolutely loved it there. We are planning on bringing our kids to the caves, to Horseshoe Beach, absolutely beautiful there, and maybe doing the Hartley's Helmet "Dive. Friends are doing the dolphin swim thing. We probably will go to one of the forts, because I think my son would like that. The aquarium is probably an age appropriate thing for your two kids, people all say they like it.
  3. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Well-Known Member

    The weather will be cool, but for kids.. there are the Crystal Caves, the Zoo (not much) and frankly going back and forth on the ferries should be fun. As an animal owner, not thrilled about the "swimming with the dolphins"... some of them might like a trolley ride, or a horse and buggy one..BTW we have done Boston to Bermuda more than 12 times.. .Have a Bermudaful Day
  4. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Have a wonderful cruise, sounds like a fun time
  5. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    It is very early in the season, Bermuda might be nice, but the sailing back and forth could be on the chilly side. I will add just one thing to this, your kids will love the kids program, it gets great reviews.


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