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We are in the process of booking our 2006 Alaska cruise that will go to Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan. In researching and reviewing posts, we've come up with the excursions listed below.

Capt Larry tour with Orca Enterprises
Helicopter & Glacier Walk with Mighty Great Trips

Street car tour
On our own walking tour

Classic Tour

Does it sound like a good plan? Also, has anyone had taken a tour with Orca Enterprises, Mighty Great Trips or Classic Tours? If so, was it a good experience?

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Hello Will,
I am not familiar with these people and tours. But I will ask on the community board for the advice of people who have done Alaska this year, and ask them to see if they can help you with answers.

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The Orca tour with Captain Larry is great. We went two years ago and I hear he got a new boat,he can take you other places most cannot,and knows just where to find the whales.Other boats follow him to the places he goes. He only takes about 18 people so make your reservations early. In Skagway I would go on the White Pass train,beautiful scenery as you pass into Canada and then come back.Ketchican has some beautiful totem poles,at Totem Bright and I forget the name of the other one,do not miss Creek Street,quaint old shops and salmon running upstream in the creek,even an old brothel. Hope this helps. Korina


We did the Duck Tour in Ketchican. And the Gold panning in Skagway. And the Mendenhall Glaicier tour in Juneau. All thru the ship. Enjoyed every one. This was 2 years ago.


The Mendenhal Glacier is a 5 minute ride by bus or taxi from the pier area. You can walk the park, and even hike up to a waterfall near the glacier if you are interested. No tour or park fee needed.

The White Pass and Yukon Railway trip in Skagway shouldn't be missed.

The other totem pole site in Ketchikan is Saxman. You can rent a car for $60 and do it yourself in Ketchikan much less than an excursion.
A taxi is $50 an hour for a private tour.

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We have done two tours with Captain Larry and have really enjoyed both of them. He takes a limited number of people on his boat, so everyone has an opportunity to see whatever he finds. He is also a Coast Guard approved "boat pilot" and is very careful to follow the rules, both in safety and in being certain to avoid endangering the wildlife. I would recommend him anytime and have booked tour number three for May, 2006. Skagway has a nice tour that involves following the path the gold seekers took to the Klondike, and I think it is called the Summit tour. It can be booked locally as well as on the ship. The scenery is beautiful. If at all possible, do a helicopter landing on a glacier, whether it is in Juneau or Skagway. You will need to book in advance, either locally (thru Temsco Helicopters) or on the ship, as these tours fill up very fast.


I didnt do any of the things you listed. You'll have to go with other replies or your research. We did do the tram in Juneau which was a great trip and walking tour of Skagway. In Ketchikan we went to the salmon hatchery and totem museum which was very interesting and a walking tour of the town.

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Sorry cant help either. As much as I toured the only one we did that you have listed is the Glacier landing. I highly recommend doing it but never heard of the company you are using, which doesnt mean anything.


We cruised Alaska in July of this year. Captain Larry was a great experience. We were assigned to his new boat, which was very nice & comfortable. Larry & his crew were very knowledgable. We took a bus from the dock to Mendenhall Glacier, it was $10.00pp round trip & is about a 15 minute bus ride each way. There are maps provided for the hiking trails. In Ketchikan we booked a tour with Sourdough Tours. They took us to Saxman Village & Totem Bight parks as well as a tour of the area. I highly recomend them as well.

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We are also going to Alaska in June of 06 aboard the Island Princess. I have spent many hours doing extensive research for our excursions. I have already booked them with independent tour companies.

Juneau--whale watch with Captain Larry (Orca enterprises) and a helicopter/glacier trek with North Star trekking. (Orca Enterprises has arranged both so we don't have lost wait time as our time in port is limited).

Ketchikan-kayak to Orca's Cove with Southeast Tours and then a flightseeing trip to Misty Fjords.

Skagway-we have rented a car to drive the White Pass route and into Carcross (the Yukon). We are also doing a horse riding excursion with Joni.

Good luck to you in planning your excursions. If you are booking with independent tour operators they have told me it is wise to book early and secure your spot.