AFT Balconies...Crown, Caribbean and new Emerald Ships..


Cruise cutie

Mark, and I are looking to get an AFT balcony.. a first for us.. for Emerald Princess on a Back to Back and we KNOW they will go fast!!.. so as SOON as Princess lists that and I mean as soon ( as much as 20 months ahead..:grin..).. as there are so few. and we were looking for Baja for the deck.. now KNOWING we will be walking forever to get to everything..:grin.. and since I battle the dessert goodies and walk as a nurse miles.. and we always use the stairs.. we are fine with the LONG walk access..

any other negatives to having that AFT?????..

we love the wake, and I sleep through a bomb on ship.. as I realise the balconies are bigger.. a huge plus for us.. and other comments from those of you in the Peanut gallery on the Grand class or bigger??... since we are 10 days back to back we are also avoiding the HUGE amount of kids on it.. please advise those who DO have knowledge as once I have this locked in..I KNOW better than to throw it back.. and not keep won't come back as available again for keeping it 2 sailings, and NOT having to move on "flip day"...:grin..Joanne


You may want to consider a cabin like E731 (like we have on CB for April). NOT an aft cabin, but the side cabin on Emerald that is closet to the stern. Double width balcony - amazing! We chose this over the aft ones because of the wierd structural stuff that wraps around the aft cabins. And E731 (minisuite) is cheaper.

Cruise cutie

:wave well that eliminates TWO cabins we won't be booking...:grin..guess I shall see how the AFT is on Golden...:grin..and punt from there.. we figure the decision will be out of our hands by June/July when they list our cruise out.. once it's out we have to JUMP.. those afts go FAST!!and we refuse to go lower than Baja.. I like the highest up decks.. and Afts start on Baja...Thanks for any imput gang.Keep it coming...You are the best!! ...:)..Joanne

Lady Jag

We've been there, done that on the Grand & never, ever again. :nono We were lower than you'd be (Emerald Deck Suite E-733 I think it was) and the movement from the wind & ocean was incredible. The noises the ship made were unbelieveable!! =eek We've had aft cabins on a lot of other ships & never experienced anything like this.

I hope you don't get seasick, Joanne. If you do, pick a different location. That is the only time out of 18 or so cruises that one of the four of us has been seasick.


After next Feb. we WILL have plenty of Aft Cabin and Balcony =photo for U to drool over Cutes. :grin If U select C752 there might even be a present waiting for U. :grin Thats if NO one finds it of course before U get on her. :thumb



Is it possible that the hum of the engines in an aft suite or cabin would lull a person to sleep rather than keep them awake? It's hard for me to believe that one would feel that much motion anywhere in a megaliner such as Caribbean Princess.


We have been in aft (C752) on both the Diamond and Sapphire and there is minimal vibration or noise, you might get a little on a lower deck but it would probably not be much.

Cruise cutie

Thanks so much for the input gang.. since Mark and I are looking at Baja deck.. this is good info.. many thanks..guess with the input on it being a new ship...Emerald Princess launches next month... on the highest aft decks,and in February in the Caribbean ...Mark has been really ,really wanting to venture on this..and it's all good with me.. we will so far do the Back to Back on Emerald in an Aft!!..:dance...:grin..Joanne


My understand is that an aft cabin was just turned back in for a back to back Feb 4/08. They switched to Riviera deck.
I have afts booked for same departures.
The negative to this area is a pair of pink underwear which travels from mailbox to mailbox.

Gayle V

Hi CC,

Here's a picture that shows those side cabins E731, and D733 above it, that were mentioned. The D cabins are on the same level as the life boats, and E is just above. This is the Crown, of course, but supposed to be the same on the Emerald.

You can see how those cabins are larger than the others on the same decks. You can also see how D733's verandah is considerably bigger than E731, and how E731 is more private.



We have had E728 three times on the Star and Golden, which is the end balcony there. Love it, but there is lots of wind at times.

We much prefer an aft, as there is no wind and we love watching the wake. Have been in B748 on the Caribbean Princess and E752 (I think) on the Diamond and much prefer them.

We try to book the day the sailing opens. I just let me TA know to book me asap and give her my choice. We spend lots of time sitting on our balcony so like to get one we will enjoy.



We sailed on Crown in November 2006 and had a great time!
we had stateroom B756 centre aft and would NOT recommend this as
it is right next to a ventilation shaft which is very noisy and smelly!
larger balcony yes but you can't talk to eachother because of the noise!
We were a party of 6 all next door to eachother so opened up the linking
doors and spent most of our time on our friend's balconies.

Great view of wake etc from Baja aft but don't pick the central balconies! The shaft runs all the way up on each deck!

Happy cruising!

Coral Princess, Sea Princess, Crown Princess & Pacific Princess Nov 2007