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aft extended balcony

hello all, I am new to this and was looking for some info on aft rooms.i booked my 1st aft extended balcony on the pride any info would be greatly appreciated thanks!


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The room is the same size as any other room. The balcony has extra leg room. The views are great ...

This is from the Carnival Pride ...

However, it is a cat 11 rear corner wrap-around balcony ...

This is a rear facing extended balcony, however, it is from the Carnival Glory ...



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This picture will give you an idea of the depth of the balcony. This is cabin 4228 on Pride's sister ship Spirit which is a cat 11 wrap balcony. This shot is from the aft and right next to a extended cabin cat 8I at the back (see the shared divider). The width of these balconies are the same as any cat 8 balcony cabin.

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If it's on an M-class ship, the SV balconies are big enough for a volleyball game. The outside "corner" SVs are particularly swell. Room for a hockey game!