Aft Minisuite or 2 staterooms ?


Pilgrim Pete

For over six months we have held a booking on the Voyager of the Seas, 12/8/02 saling in a Cat 'C' minisuite for our family of four including two teens. I read a thread on another board that a second cabin (possibly an inner to help reduce the costs) and switch to a smaller balcony stateroom would provide more room , a second bath / shower room and two more real beds instead of the folddown sofa bed for the children may be an option.

We have been in an aft minisuite on the Enchantment and loved it, but that was two years ago and both of the children have grown and now I can't make up my mind what to do for the best. There is little difference on cost. Any thought or ideas !


I like the idea of 2 staterooms because teens have the habit of preeming themselves a lot. My two teens kept looking at themselves over and over in the mirror. One teen kept curling her hair over and over. The other teen kept looking at his face to see if a pimple was going to start growing right in front of his face.LOL. If one of them used the toilet we would be warned not to go in right away.
Storage space was kind of tight. Teens like to take school books,(even if they don't read the books it makes them feel good.LOL.) CD'S, teen stuff to play with. Plus, they sometimes like to be in the cabin while you want to be alone during the day. It gets kind of crowded. Teens also need their privacy when they need to get dressed.
Plus, at bed time if you are not sleepy and want to watch t.v. you feel bad and turn off the t.v. so the teens can sleep. I love my teen grandchildren. They are 14 & 16 yrs. old.


I have stayed in the Cat. C on the Voyager. It is roomy but yes the fold out would be a little small. It's more like a full size bed, not a queen. There is plenty of storage space, a big walk in closet and a ton of storage in the wall unit. The balcony is alot bigger also. Enough room for a lounger, two chairs and a table with room to spare.

There were parents on my cruise that had a Cat. C and took an inside cabin across the hall for their kids. They loved it. What about doing something like that?

Lady Jag(Bobbie)

Pete - I know where you're coming from!

We've been in a Cat. C with 2 sons on the fold out sofa. The sheets aren't wide enough to cover it completely. It's not that wide and 2 kids (ages 12 & 9 yrs.) were cramped on it. They constantly 'fought' over the sheets since they were so narrow and made for a TWIN bed, that I finally decided to change the sheets every night to lengthwise so the kids at least were covered on the bed. The sheets weren't long enough then and only came up to their waists. The bed folds out RIGHT on the floor, not like an ordinary sofa bed. Closet space is good, having only 1 bathroom and TV wasn't so great.

Two weeks ago, we were on the AOS in 2 category DA balcony cabins. They were adjoining - the kids in 1 cabin, us in the other. I can't tell you how WONDERFUL it was to have 2 bathrooms, 2 closets, 2 desks, and best of all, a REAL bed for each one of us!!!!! It was SO comfortable! When the boys wanted to watch something on TV and we didn't, they could. Two of us could take showers at the same time!! It cut our "getting ready" time in 1/2. It was absolutely the way to go! We've already booked 2 adjoining balcony cabins for the next cruise on the Brilliance.