Aft or Forward?



I know for all you guys who have done so much cruising, my question is stupid, however, when it comes to picking a there a difference between a cabin that is Aft or Forward? is there a better location or are they all the same?


it depends on whether the cabin faces to the side, or faces front / rear.

A cabin near the front that faces the side is basically just like a cabin that faces the side near the rear of the ship.

However, there is a big difference between a cabin that faces forward and one that faces the rear. I, and several others, love the rear facing cabins. Depending on the cruise line, the forward facing cabins either have less of a view (if it is a view cabin) or might have a very windy balcony (if it is a balcony cabin). The reason is the forward facing cabins generally do not have floor to ceiling windows (for view cabins) and will have the full force of the wind if it is a balcony cabin. Cabins in the rear tend to have bigger windows (if a view cabin) or very little wind (if a balcony cabin).

Many, including myself, consider the rear corner cabins with wrap around balconies to be the best.


We prefer the cabins more toward the center of the ship to feel lees of the front to back movement of the ship. The more centrally located your cabin is, the less movement you will feel. We have been in cabins near the aft of the ship, and found more movement than we cared for. But then, that is just us. I know a LOT of folks that prefer the rear facing cabins as Cruizer mentioned. For us, due to noise and movement considerations, we prefer a cabin in the center third of the ship with cabins both above and below us so we don't hear noise from activites on those decks. That has worked well for us. Enjoy!


I agree with the above. That said, we like those rear aft balconies especially if they are wrap-around! :thumb


I'm with Tread. Keep me centrally located . The ship movement doesn't bother me but I like to be equal distance to everything onboard.


I choose the center of the ship; I don't need any extra movement since I can get very sea sick.


Middle is best, next best is aft (rear) and my least favorite is forward. I never get seasick but we got stuck with a forward cabin last April and for the first time in 19 cruises I couldn't stand it!



On the Princess ships I like the Riverea or Lido deck cabin to the forward of the ship on most others I prefer a cabin in aft near the back elevator. The cabins across the aft always seem to far to walk to me.


Oohh, aft corner cabins for sure. We had one on our Alaska cruise, and lived on that deck for 10 days. It's marvelous. But of course, it depends...

On our 2 night C2N, we took a mid-ship balcony. Nothing to see, didn't need an aft, balcony was fine. If I was going to Mexico, I might want a mid-ship balcony. But for someplace where there are incredible views and sights to remember, yeah, corner aft for sure...

Lady Jag

If those were my only choices - aft or forward, I guess I'd go with aft. Forward cabins tend to get more movement than aft, in my experience anyway. I really prefer mid-ship for the smoothest 'ride' and the convenient location. :)