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After dinner shooters

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Pilgrim Pete, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Pilgrim Pete

    Pilgrim Pete Guest

    Hi, calling all you alcoholics. Do any of you have the details of the after dinner shooters served in the dining room, i.e. the names and contents. I'm sure I stumbled across a web site which listed all the drinks served on RCI cruises, but now when I need it for an after dinner surprise.... Doh ! Kept all the special glasses, but nothing to put in them.
  2. Cruise Lady

    Cruise Lady Guest

    Hi there Pilgrim Pete,

    We too are lovers of the after dinner shooters, I've more glasses than the cruise ship. Here are some: ( Italian Stallon)Kahlua, Fangello & Baileys, (Italian Flag) Grenadine, Anisette & Green mint, (Blk Banana) Kahlua, creme de banana & Baileys, (Pretty Lady) Creme of Almond, Midori, Amaretto & Bailey's (American Flag) Grenadine, creme de coca white & Blue Curraco, (French Kiss) Creme de coco white, Amaretto, & Baileys, (Russian Roulette) Galiano, Vodka & #151 rum
    Here are a few I've many more, just let me know if you want them.
    Cruise Lady from San Diego, CA
  3. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Yummy whatever is in them!
  4. Pilgrim Pete

    Pilgrim Pete Guest

    Cruise Lady - Wow, I look forward to an evening with you, Plus you've sold me on the 'Pretty Lady'. Thank you.
  5. maria

    maria Guest

    Had no idea of the after dinner shooters. Now I really can't wait. They will not be getting me off the Brilliance until I have sampled each and evey one. How come no one has ever spoken of them before?
  6. cruiseladytx

    cruiseladytx Guest

    Love the shooters. The glasses go to my nephew. He must have about 30 by now.

    Maria, when will you be on the Brilliance? I will be sailing on 9/22 and just booked my tours.
  7. CMan

    CMan Guest

    Shooter Menu from Enchantment of the Seas - Jan 2001

    French Kiss: Creme de Cacao White, Amaretto, Baileys

    Beam Me Up Scottie: Kahlua, Frangelico, Baileys

    Hop, Skip and Go Naked: Creme de Almond, Midori, Amaretto, Baileys

    Rattlesnake: Kahlua, Creme de Cacao White, Baileys

    Caribbean Kiss: Tia Maria, Creme de Banana, Baileys

    B-52: Kahlua, Baileys, Grand Marniker

    Brain Hemorrage: Peach Schnapps, Baileys, Drop of Grenadine

    Mind Racer: Kahlua, Vodka, Club Soda

    Sex on the Beach: Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Cranberry and Orange juice

    ET: Midori, Baileys, Vodka

    Screaming Orgasm: Creme de Cacao Dark, Frangelico, Amaretto, Drambuie, Baileys, Cream

    Blue Eyed Blonde: Creme de Banana, Blue Curacao, Baileys

    Slippery Nipple: Sambucca, Baileys

    Italian Stallion: Creme de Almond, Creme de Cacao White, Creme de Menthe Green, Baileys

    We had almost all of the above, and enjoyed them all.

  8. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ Guest

    I imagine these are not included with dinner. How much do they cost?
  9. Cruise Lady

    Cruise Lady Guest

    I think they run about $5.95, but you get to keep the glass. It's well worth it, they taste great. Years ago they served them in clear glasses so you could see how pretty it was when they floated the liquers on top of each other. Now, they are in colored glasses. Not as impressive.
    Cruise Lady
  10. gambler

    gambler Guest

    but they are in different colored glasses everynight, if you want to start a collection..
  11. CruzTerri

    CruzTerri Guest

    On our Vision cruise last December we saw these being presented/sold in the Dining Room, I commented that I'd love to have the different colored shot glasses, but since I'm not a drinker, like I used to be. My son surprised me by arranging to purchase a set of 6 of the glasses (one color each) and they were presented to me with a flourish on the last night of our cruise at dinner by the waiter and my son.

    Ok, so I have a good kid :) .... Kid who you calling a kid, he's 23 yrs old now! LOL :grin

  12. xpcdoojk

    xpcdoojk Guest

    I have a collection already thank you. We find these make the coffee much more palatable! hee hee;

    I was going to find my recipe list for these, but I see the listing is on the website. Proportions are not critical on these drinks, because they are all liqueurs (ie relatively low proof). If you pour these in a clear shot glass be sure to use an real drink spoon... these are long handled with a flat spoon portion with a small hole. Pour the liqueur real slow and over the spoon it will then separate each liqueur stacked on top of each other. Your skill will improve with practice! However just dumping them in tastes pretty much the same!

  13. Pilgrim Pete

    Pilgrim Pete Guest

    Hi JC, On which web site is this full list to be found?
  14. jc

    jc Guest

    Right here Pete.... just combine in the order listed in equal proportion and you will be very close. We make the French Kiss and Italian Stallion regularly at home... the message before mine...

  15. Pilgrim Pete

    Pilgrim Pete Guest

    JC - I'm with you now the list you refer to is the list provided by Cman, I am off now to try the French Kiss!. I will remember that the daily shooter is not the only option and if you do not fancy the shooter of the day then just order what you fancy.
  16. ArkJudy

    ArkJudy Guest

    My favorite: Fragile Baby: Bailey's and Frangelico
  17. dave

    dave Guest

    6.95 each
  18. Jlynd

    Jlynd Guest

    I am sorry that I showed this thread to hubby before our cruise last week. He had to try them all (LOL)- we now have a set of glasses and they were $5.95 each plus gratuity! It was great fun sampling them each night and our bar waiter brought the little box to us on the last night without us even asking for it!!
  19. CJ

    CJ Guest

    Last week on the Radiance we all had to have "Chocolate chip cookie" Can NOT remember what was in them, but there were plenty of empty glasses on the table by the time we figured we'd had enough! LOL

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