age restrictions



my daughter n her 3 friends graduating from highschool next year in june would dearly liike to go on a cruise. They will all be only 18. Can anyone please advise what cruise lines permit under 21 without parent to cruise. they want to stay in the same cabin together and go to the carribean for 7 days. thanks so much for any information you can give me.


As a result of a number of incidents involving teens and early twenties passengers, Carnival implemented a rule that requires at least one person in the group to be at least 25. Most other cruise lines have similar policies. Perhaps if your daughter knew an adult who was cruising on the same ship, something could be worked out.


Maggie this was also answered for you on the Community Board. Princess seems to be the only one that will allow 18 year olds to cruise without an adult.

The brochure states: Any passenger under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years and older.

So as long as they are 18 when sailing, I can only assume Princess will board them.