Air temp high/low in Pacific in late November.


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We're on a Regent SS cruise that leaves LA on 19-Nov and sails to Hawaii then on to Polynesia and we're hoping that someone can tell us what to expect in terms of the air temp for our at sea days?

We'll be prepared for warm weather but need to know if the at sea days will be cool enough to warrant packing more than minimal cool weather clothing.


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Been several years since doing a stateside to Hawaii but from what I remember it can get cool in the evenings especially the first two or three days but don't go packing parka's.
Not familiar with Regent's itinerary but usually is 5 days to Hawaii and the closer you get the better it gets. From your post it looks like you will be flying back so the return will be
an non issue as far as clothing.
Since you are returning from Polynesia, don't forget to pack your passports, sounds like a great cruise.............


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Did it over and back last year and it's as boB described. Very relaxing trip but one way is enough sea days in a row for me. :biggrin: You see nothing but water and he odd ship and get visited by a few tired birds.