My wife and I are looking at a possible Alaska cruise for 2004. If you take the Northbound or Southbound routes, how much more is the airfare than flying roundtrip to Seattle or Vancouver?:AL:USA


That's an unanswerable question, since airfares change every hour it seems. I was looking for fares into Seattle and out of Vancouver, waited one day to get home and get my credit card and it had gone up by 178$!!! So I waited and in a week it was back down to what I felt would be the lowest I would get, so booked it. Be patient, shop around various online brokers and even check out the airline sites themselves for specials. I found my bargain at the airline, which was cheaper than the 2 big travel sites. (T & E :)) Remember too, that distance doesn't guarantee being cheaper or more expensive.


Hello! We are flying from Ft. Lauderdale to Seattle via Delta then Seattle to Anchorage via Continental in early Sept. 2003. We are paying more for the Sea/Anch. portion then to fly cross country!! This didn't deter us thought because we have an amazing price for the Ftl. /Seattle leg. The lowest fare I found for sea/anch was $267.08 One way. I check all the travel websites then called the airlines myself. This is a last minute trip so I only started checking 35 days prior to departure. Good Luck to you!