Airport to Trains/Roma



Hi! We are landing in Roma (11 days before our cruise on the Galaxy, 5.31.4) and would appreciate the knowledge of anyone who has taken a train from the airport to Rome and then out of Rome. We looked at a website on the trains that was (natch!) in Italian, which we unfortunately do not understand. We are arriving in the AM and figure just to continue the agony of a long day's night and day by getting right on a train to Foggia. The train goes from the airport to Rome and then out of Rome. Is this tricky when one doesn't understand the language? Any info would be appreciated.

Marie Hamrin

Your Travel Agent can help you. There are also buses from Airport to Rome.


It is very easy to get to the train station in rome from the airport. There are clearly marked signs. When you get to the starting point, there will be a ticket booth to buy your tickets before boarding and then validate them in the machine before boarding. They operate very frequently. In Rome, go to the ticket line to buy your next tickets. If you want scheduling info, go to, hit the english flag for "english". You will put in your staring location and where you are going with a date, remember it's day, month then year.


ncara is right--GREAT ADVICE about the website language and's very easy. Follow the airport signs to the trains (they are in Italian and English) and buy your ticket. Some are faster (and more expensive) than sure to ask which is which and when they leave, and from which track. The ticket sellers speak English. The trains end stop is Termini (the main train sta in Roma) but there are some other smaller stations, so maybe you'll want to make sure where your hotel is, so you aren't backtracking once you get there. Tho it's easy, it's still a bit daunting after basically losing a night's sleep on the plane and arriving at what is 3-4 am for you!
We've recently found it ALMOST as cheap to get a car from the airport for about 4045Euros directly to our destination (my sister's house in NW Rome, or in any case, a hotel--maybe midtown which would be closer), instead of a train to Termini (I recall 8Euros for the slow train and 13 or 15 for the fast one a few years ago) THEN a cab for another 10-15 E, depending on our baggage. Of course if you are staying within walking distance of Termini, and are on a strict budget, a train is fine and quite easy.
As for the car, my sister arranges it through a private company, and I'm sure you can find onr on the web, or I can ask her the name and phone #, if you are interested. (email me!) We've been to Rome many times and think we've finally figured it out! (Before you ask: no, she doesn't do airport pick-ups, even for us!)


Hi Sharonious,
My husband and I are on the same cruise and will also be taking the train from the airport. We've done it before and it's pretty don't be daunted! On our last trip the cruise line arranged for a van to pick us up and it took longer than the train would have. If you get a chance, sign up the Galaxy party on the cruisecritic website.


We will be taking the Galaxy on August 2nd. Would love to hear reviews when you get back. Ours is the 11 night, greek islands. Thanks