Airport transportation to Port of Miami



As I mentioned in another thread I'll be taking my first cruise on the NCL Jewel next month out of Miami.

What are the different opinions on how/when to get to/from the airport?

I'm definitely not going to fly in the day of the cruise, because I don't want to miss it. How early to most people arrive in the city? Do you rent a car? Is it possible to return it close to the ship?

What is the the cab fare from the Port to the airport? I am planning to schedule the flight for the day we arrive in port. How soon can I realistically plan to get to the airport?

Also, what is the latest you are allowed to leave the ship? Once I leave the room, how long does it take me to get off the boat? Can I walk off with my own bags? Is there customs?

Any info/experiences would be welcome.

Thanks - Bob


Hi Bob, and welcome to cruise-addicts.

I've never rented a car. We'll usually take a taxi or SuperShuttle to our hotel, then taxi over to the pier the next morning. Then again, we don't tend to go anywhere for the rest of the day once arriving at the hotel. We'll usually veg by the pool and have dinner at the hotel.

Are you flying out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale? That would help determine the best type of transportation and the earliest time to book a flight.

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Unfortunately I am not as familiar with the Miami port as I am the Ft. Lauderdale one.
But hopefully these links below will help you on taxi vs. shuttle vs car rental.

as for getting back to the airport, we never book anything earlier than noon.
We once went into a port at the same time as a LOT of cruise ships, and it took us hours to get out.
This only happened once.. but once is more than enough :lol

Some of the cruise lines do allow you to take off your own suitcases if you choose. People doing this are allowed to disembark first.
But if not, then make sure you have listed down what time flight you have, and they will give you your disembarkation tags that are appropriate.

there will be customs, but most people are not finding this to be a problem, for the most part you are through in a few mins.

More info as Lisa asked for would be helpful to anyone wanting to help you with this.
enjoy your cruise.

This site looks good for calculating taxi vs shuttle


Hi Bob.

You are taking the right approach flying in a day early. Where are you planning on staying pre-cruise? There are shuttle services available to take you from your hotel to the pier. I would recommend calling the hotel you are staying at and ask what they would suggest for transportation to the port of Miami. Some hotels have concierge which will sign you up for shuttle service from your hotel to the pier. If they do, you want to ask to be scheduled for the earliest one. As far as cost, I think we paid $12pp from the Sofitel at the aiport to the port of Miami.

The fares are fixed from the airport to the Port of Miami and vice-versa.

Taxis are ready and available outside the terminal. You also have the option of purchasing a one-way transfer from the cruiseline which will get you from the ship to the airport.

Be sure to allow lots of ample time for the return flight. Miami can be slow getting through checkin and TSA. Don't book a morning flight as it will be pushing it. Noon or later is best.

Customs - The cruiseline will give you the paperwork for going through customs. I haven't been on NCL in a long time so hopefully someone can answer how the process is. Also to answer if you can walk off with your luggage like on other lines.

Hope this helps.


Thanks to everyone for the replies. I had not yet booked my flights when I wrote that but I eventually settled for flying in and out of West Palm Beach, which does look pretty far. If anyone has any additional advice about using that airport that would be great.

Thanks again,