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AJ Cruiser says that Aft cabins are the worst for Alaska...

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by GloBug, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    So should I start to panic? We have an aft corner cabin http://www.cruise-forums.com/gallery/view.php?id=294 for our June 05 Alaska cruise on the Infinity. It's a huge cabin, two rooms for us and the teen, a giant balcony (327 sq. ft. what's not to like???), looks ideal.

    Is it because I won't be able to look straight down into the water, because I am on a slope? Will I care in Alaska? On the Monarch, it was great, but sometimes there was nothing else to look at but the water, but in Alaska... some things on the water, some on the shore... right?

    Is there a caveat I don't know about? Argh... (if you remember from my first cruise.. I'm a worrier... Here we go....)
  2. dusty

    dusty Guest


    your cabin sounds great. i would love to have one like it for my trip in may. i would not worry about it. with the balcony and big cabin to be in that you have described i would just set back and take in all the scenery and relax. as long as you are on a ship i dont think there can be a bad cabin ( wink ). it will be wonderful as well too be able to see the port for a long time when you leave. enjoy your cabin and cruise.
  3. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    Glo we had an aft cabin on our cruise to Alaska in May of this year and it was the best cruise yet! :grin
    In fact we have booked an aft cabin for our trip to Hawaii in 2005. Any future ' scenic' cruises we take we want an aft cabin if possible :)
  4. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Thanks! I was getting a little concerned, but I do not want to change my family cabin. It's going to be great. I just know it! If only it wasn't so many days away...
  5. Shipsbelle

    Shipsbelle Guest

    Hey Glorya!

    Just came across this messege of yours. You will be able to look straight down into the ater from the side of your balcony. As you know, we have the one opposite yours and have had our particular cabin 3 times before. It is the ideal cabin for any itinerary. Don't worry about not seeing something. With "our " cabins we will be able to see forward, side and back--much more viewing area than any other cabin except for the Penthouse Suites, which have the same views as we have.
  6. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Char, yup, I know it's going to be great. I can't wait! You know I'll be ringing your doorbell on June 9th!
  7. Shipsbelle

    Shipsbelle Guest

    Not if I ring your's first!!
  8. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Ha ha, this will be fun! I feel like I know every nook and cranny of your cabin from the pictures on line!
  9. CaribbeanSun

    CaribbeanSun Guest

    I would not choose an aft cabin in Alaska. That cabin is great in the Caribbean but not Alaska.
  10. Shipsbelle

    Shipsbelle Guest

    CaribbeanSun Wrote:
    > I would not choose an aft cabin in Alaska. That
    > cabin is great in the Caribbean but not Alaska.

    Why do you think this is not a great cabin for Alaska? You get much more viewing area from these cabins. Did you have a bad experience in an aft cabin on an M class Celebrity ship? Inquiring minds want to know!
  11. CaribbeanSun

    CaribbeanSun Guest

    When in Alaska -- you want to spend time at the front of the ship, seeing what is about to come. The naturalists will be talking about things that they see from the bridge at the front of the ship and it will probably be gone by the time the back of the ship sees it. The ship will spend more time approaching a glacier with more viewing from the front of the ship and then it will turn around and quickly leave. So those with a front/top view will have more viewing time then those in the back because the ship will go slowly into the glacier and then quickly leave. Those in aft cabins on my last Alaskan cruise who didn't go out on deck only saw Marjorie glacier for about 10 minutes. Those with a front/side view and those on deck viewing the front got to see it for over an hour. I would never book an aft cabin in Alaska.
  12. Shipsbelle

    Shipsbelle Guest

    I guess it depends on the cabin. The original poster has a CORNER aft balcony with views to the front, side and back. I have had this cabin before and it's great for Alaska because you can see so much more than just a side balcony. ..and you can hear the loud speaker from the top deck as well!

    The 4 times we have sailed Alaska the caprain always turned the ship slowly in a circle several times while viewing the glaciers so everyone could get a good look. The outside decks get so crowded sometimes that you can't get a good vantage point for viewing.
  13. CaribbeanSun

    CaribbeanSun Guest

    A corner aft cabin will not give views of the front of the ship. It is not that you won't hear the loud speaker, it is you will not see what the person who is on the loud speaker sees. It will probably be gone by the time the aft sees it. I have sailed Alaska 10 times and aft is the last place I would go. Obviously AJ thought so also. If you think it is great, go for it. I am just saying that in Alaska, this is not where I would want to be. It would be the last place I would be. And if I was assigned there, I would leave the aft balcony and go to a public deck and take in the view of the front of the ship.
  14. DougH

    DougH Guest

    I'd stick with the aft cabin. When approaching teh glaciers you can head to the forward deck for a while but with an aft balcony you can spend time a lot more outside because you will be protected from the wind. There is lots to ses most of the time and your balcony should be fine.

    I sail to Alaska for a B2B in May, these will be #'2 10 and 11 to Alaska, mostly inside cabins. Have never had a balcony as I'd rather do a B2B than one cruise witha a balcony.

  15. gloria lund

    gloria lund Guest

    Now I'm worried!!! We are booked for August on the Sapphire Princess going to Alaska. Our room is B104 which is right at the front of the ship. Is that what is called a AFT cabin. We will be boarding in Seattle so we will be heading South and we will be on the left side of the ship. I have also been told that is bad, that on that paticular cruise you should always be on the right side of the ship. Maybe I can still change rooms. Help!!!
  16. figgifumi

    figgifumi Guest

    Aft means the very back of the ship....most people mean the very end of the ship... which overlooks the wake. I have this cabin for my Alaska cruise and am getting a little worried....but I don't mind going on deck for the glacier day... just hope viewing is great the rest of the time....
  17. gloria lund

    gloria lund Guest

    Thank you figgifumi, I now know what Aft stands for. I'm thinking being at the very front of the ship it may be very windy. I maybe should have found this forum before I booked a cabin . The cruise is more then 6 months away so I probally still could change rooms but I think I will stick with what we have and hope for the best.

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