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Alaska 2004 - Early Roll Call NCL Star 6/27/04

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by LEtue, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. LEtue

    LEtue Guest

    So with the 2003 Alaska seson winding down is it too soon to get excited about 2004?

    Anyone planning for 2004 yet? If you're on the Star 6/27/04 sailing let me know :)
  2. cruiser4me

    cruiser4me Guest

    we havent booked but if we do mostly it would be that date if we pick ncl again
  3. LEtue

    LEtue Guest


    We have a small group started from another message board and prices are great. We also have $25pp deposits until next February and $50 cabin credit. Let me know if you want more information. We would love to have you join us!
  4. cruiser4me

    cruiser4me Guest

    yea i would love some more info .
  5. Lou

    Lou Guest

    I would like some information on this too
  6. LEtue

    LEtue Guest

    Sorry for the late resonse. My daughter got married Saturday in Atlanta and I took some of last week off to travel up from Florida : )

    Here are the details of our group that formed on another message board.

    This is a great ship and deposits are only $25pp until February 2004. Take a look and let me know if you want me to pass the TA information. We would love to have you join us!


    Seattle, Washington
    Cruise The Inside Passage
    Juneau, Alaska
    Skagway, Alaska
    Cruise Glacier Bay
    Ketchikan, Alaska
    Victoria, British Columbia
    Seattle, Washington

    CATEGORY K-------$849 (INSIDE)
    CATEGORY G-------$1,059 (OUTSIDE)
    CATEGORY BC-----$1,359 (BALCONY)
    3RD OR 4TH PERSON TO A CABIN $499 (Based on availability)

    A complimentary cocktail party will be provided.
    $50 per cabin shipboard credit
    All price reductions will be passed on to the people that are booked

    Deposit for this sailing is $25 per person at time of booking
    Full $250 per person required for triples &quads or to select a cabin.
    Final payments are due 70 days prior to sailing.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
  7. LEtue

    LEtue Guest

    cruiser4me & Lou,

    Did you decide if you want to join us yet? Let me know if you need the TA info.

  8. LEtue

    LEtue Guest

    Anyone else ready to join us on the Star 6/27/04? Rates are great and the itinerary includes Glacier Bay :)
  9. jam35

    jam35 Guest

    Haven't had a chance to be on the boards in what seems like forever so I apologize for the late post. We are comparison price shopping for the Star in 8/04. Would love to have your info.

  10. LEtue

    LEtue Guest


    Just sent you some more info directly. Merry Christmas!!!

  11. bholcombe

    bholcombe Guest

    Please let me know the travel agent information and if this cruise is still available.
    Thank you
  12. LEtue

    LEtue Guest

    Hi Becky,

    I just sent all the info to you directly.... I hope you decide to join us!

  13. TheDivineMsM

    TheDivineMsM Guest

    There are only a few cabins left for this cruise..so if you are thinking about it..l would act now before the prices go up and you have to book on your own!
  14. lroitz

    lroitz Guest

    We have basically the same cost on the NCL Sun for 7/11/04 out of Vancouver to Glacier Bay. Please us know asap if you are interested, not sure if any balconies are still available but can check. Happy Cruising!
  15. TheDivineMsM

    TheDivineMsM Guest

    The Sun does not go anywhere near Glacier Bay.:( The Star is the only NCL ship going to Alaska which has G.B. included in its' itinerary.

    Also leaving from Vancouver is far more expensive than leaving from Seattle.

    I think The 6/27 Star cruise offers a very good value in terms of group rates, getaway city and itinerary!!!

    Post Edited (01-25-04 01:10)
  16. zahr03

    zahr03 Guest

    We have reservations on the Star for 6/6. If anyone has been on it and happens to have pictures of 10228 - I would LOVE to see them. Thanks!

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