alaska...age groups?



starting to look at an alaska cruise.. either RCCL or carnival.....I have heard through the grapevine that the age groups on the alaska cruises are quite a bit older and the nightlife comes to an end quite early!! im no all night partier.. but this is gonna be my vacation and I would like to stay up late some nights and dont want to be the only one around!! LOL..
any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

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I have heard the same thing and can't imagine why things would wind down by 9pm, if the sun stays up longer, the casino and clubs have only been open a few hours and you're right, it's vacation. :-D One thing I found odd on my last cruise, to the Bahamas on RCCL, that my friend and I would look for some action, the lounges would be near to empty but the next day, while waiting to reboard the ship in port, we'd hear about the wild parties and sure enough, the souvenir video had some fun looking activities in the wee hours. Yet we never found anything LOL. A mystery.


I've only been on two Alaska cruises, with a third coming up next week, all on Princess.
And a third cruise on Carnival.

The Carnival crowd seemed more the "party" type...lots of music and laughing and loud talk in the halls, at all hours. The Princess crowd is more sedate, laid back.

Alaska is more a destination to enjoy the scenery, bird and animal watch, see glaciers, awesome views. The Caribean is a "party destination", and the partying starts on board.

So I think if you choose Carnival you'd find more nightlife than, say, on Princess (I've nver been on the RCCL so can't say)...but not as much as you'd find on a warm-weather cruise.


I went on NCL and that was a older and young crowd there where a lot of people up late and havin fun.Even some of the older people are fun and like to party too .


Although, we had a good mix on HAL to Alaska, I would have to say it was a large older contingent. Having said that, things were going pretty late at night in the casino and crows nest. On the land tours, you will definitely see an older crowd.