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Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by ausebelle, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. ausebelle

    ausebelle Guest

    Our cruise sales on 5/2/08 - Its only 58 days away and we are now getting very excited. It's called Fire and Ice and starts in Hawaii and finishes in Vancouver - hence the name. This cruise has targeted the Australian market - its really 2 cruises in one. My biggest concern is packing for 2 seasons. We are thinking that after Hawaii - we will probably mail home our light clothes. Could anyone tell me what the temperature is like in Alaska in May. I have searched weather records and it looks pretty cold. What we were thinking was to get thermal undergarments and dress in layers - but I would like to buy an anorak/parka but they are so darn big and bulky - any suggestions???
  2. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Wow Parka's ..:) ??

    You have the right idea dress in Layers for sure but a good water proof outer shell with your "Thermals" and a warm sweatshirt or sweater(s) should do it. Unless you are really really really a cold weather scaredy cat. :) We have been in May a couple of times and it can get quite cool but nothing that we couldn't handle dressed lighter than above. But of course we are from up this way....... So unless you really have difficulties with cold you should be fine as above.
    Does you itinerary give you a chance to perhaps purchase something heavier before you go north further when you North America..?? Your days at sea before hitting the coast will give you a good indication if you are going to be able to handle the cold.
    Enjoy you planning and we will help with any of your questions. not far off now eh?
  3. ausebelle

    ausebelle Guest

    Hello or should I say G'Day BSeabob!

    Thankx for your reply. We have just found out that our airline will allow 2 x medium size bags checked in per person. We are going to pack one for each cruise. On a cold day it would get that low - but probably only once or twice a year.We have always wanted to go to Alaska and to be able to combine it with a cruise to Hawaii - well, we probably won't want to go home. Thanks again!

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