Alaska cruise/ Seattle or Vancouver?



Thinking of an Alaska cruise sometimes in the near future. Will fly into Seattle for the lower airfare. Three hour drive to Vancouver after a coast to coast flight is not that appealing to me. What are the advantages vrs disadvantages of cruising from Seattle or Vancouver? The wife has been to Alaska once and cruised out of Vancouver. This will be my first time! Thanks!:AL:USA


I have cruised Alaska multiple times. You do not say if you are planning a round trip cruise. If you go out of Seattle I would assume it is round trip. For me you miss the best part of an Alaskan cruise if you do not go all the way between Vancouver and Seward. Of course the airfare is more expensive with the air either in or out of Ankorage but the scenery is well worth it.

The best views for an Alaskan cruise are from the Inside passage to Seward. JMHO
If you are going round trip to me either sailing out of Seattle or Vancouver would be about the same so I would take whatever you feel would be best for you financially.


I would think that the bus trip would put me off sailing from Vancouver and flying into Seattle. Just busing to the airport in any city after crusing is enough of a bummer..... Unless you have extra days to enjoy ourself that is. Both cities are really great to visit. There are other options on getting to YVR car rental/train?? You are getting a little taste of what happens to those of us in the Pac N West when we fly to FLA. You either grin and bare it or take more time and spend more money. Either way enjoy your planning and don't forget Canadian dollar and your GST (tax) rebates.


The ca=ruises out of Seattle do not go to all of the good ports i.e. Glacier Bay. We are flying in a day earlier and taking AMTRAK to Vancouver (a very senic route) and the on the return getting a rental car and spending a few days in Washington State.


We took the bus trip from Seattle to Vancouver and it was very tiring after being on a long flight from Florida. You can check the airfares from Seattle to Vancouver on <<>> and you might be surprised to see that they're very reasonable.


We'll be cruisng Alaska in June. Our TA has us flying into Vancover. She knows us well enough that we don't want to spend 3 hours on a bus from Seattle. It's only 30 minutes from the airport in Vancover to the passanger ship terminal.


Alaska round trip from Seattle does go to Glacier Bay. They usually do Glacier Bay or Sawyer, Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan. On the way back, they stop at Victoria for six hours to cover the Jones Law (going to a foreign port). If you fly into Seattle, leave out of Seattle, going thru customs on a bus is a drag!!!



We have a group forming for June 2004 and if you want to do a RT from Seattle that includes Glacier Bay you may want to check it out. The NCL Star will be getting a new casino and other updates before starting the Alaska season. Here's the itinerary:

Day Port Arrive Depart
Sun. Seattle, Washington - - 4:00pm
Mon. Cruise The Inside Passage - -
Tue. Juneau, Alaska 2:00pm 10:00pm
Wed. Skagway, Alaska 7:00am 5:00pm
Thu. Cruise Glacier Bay - -
Fri. Ketchikan, Alaska 6:00am 1:30pm
Sat. Victoria, British Columbia 6:00pm 12.00am
Sun. Seattle, Washington 7:00am - -


For our cruise, we are leaving from Seattle, and coming into Vancouver. After reading what people said about taking the bus from Vancouver to Seattle, then flying home, we decided to spend one day in Seattle and briefly sight-see, then spend an overnight in Vancouver to do the same there. We are paying only an extra 35$ to fly out of a different airport. Well worth it to us. :)


Princess and norwegian both have 7 day cruise to Alaska from Seattle. i think that we are going to try that next summer and see what it is like. We have already done the vancover and land package a few years ago.


We sailed once from Seattle and once from Vancouver. Both round trips. And both trips were wonderful.

From Seattle the first night was on the ocean side of Vancouver island so a bit rockier. I don't know if anybody got sick but I felt it wasn't bad movement. By morning we were inside again and very smooth. Of course if there's a storm I think it would really rock. Leaving from Vancouver is thru the channel between the island and the mainland and a bit smoother.

On our return, the last day at sea, the trip to Vancouver was much nicer. winding thru the many islands there. I noticed on the maps that the route we took was always listed as an alternate to the regular route to Vancouver. I'm not sure how this is decided as to which route to take (tides maybe) but it was really awsome.

Returning to Seattle (via Victoria) was again outside and not as scenic. But it's relative because it's still beautiful.

North of that area was the same as I recall and also stunning.

Both our trips went to Glacier Bay so if you want to see that just check the schedules as when a certain ship visits. Well worth the research. I believe NCL, Princess, and HAL all have ships out of Seattle now.

And by all means, if you can afford it, get a balcony cabin. You want to see as much scenery as possible. Just MHO.

No matter what you choose it'll be beautiful, regardless of route or weather.