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Alaska cruise

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by FLBRATT, Jul 3, 2004.


    FLBRATT Guest


    I am thinking of booking an cruise next May to goto Alaska. I live in Florida but where would I fly into to get to the port?
  2. nerak

    nerak Guest

    We just did a May cruise on RC. We flew in to Seattle and used the RC transportation to Vancouver. We saved almost $300 each on air insread of flying into Vancouver...although the RC transportation was $100ppRT and took 3 12 hours. So you have to decide the trade off

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  3. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest


    Where you fly to/from depends on your itinerary. If you choose an Inside Passage cruise, you'll either sail round trip Vancouver or round trip Seattle. As Sue pointed out above, fares to/from Seattle are usually much cheaper than those to Vancouver. Unless you're sailing from Seattle, you'll have a several-hour trip to get to/from Vancouver, and need to add in that cost. If you're planning on a "Glacier Route" itinerary, that's one-way heading north or south between Vancouver (South) and Anchorage (ports of Whittier or Seward). One of your airports would then be Anchorage, and that's a LONG flight.

    Anyway, your airports will either be Seattle, Vancouver or Anchorage.

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  4. kalei

    kalei Guest

    I live in Florida and I'm flying into Seattle. I'm going on the Diamond princess to the inside passage in August.
  5. dusty

    dusty Guest


    hi and welcome.

    like shipmaven stated it depends on what ship you will be on and what route you are going to take. i am going on the carnival spirit out of vancouver again to glacier bay. i loved it so much the first time i am making a 2nd trip. this time i am going to save over $300 by flying into seattle and taking the quick shuttle for $75 roundtrip to vancouver. make sure you plan on going the day before so there is no chance of missing the ship ( you never know what is going to happen at the airport to delay you ). and when you come home give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport to make your flight. if you do some research you can decide what ship interest you the most, fits your finances and is the route you want to take. may and sept are the cheapest months to go and the kids are still in school so the ship is not full of them.
  6. kadao

    kadao Guest

    FLBRATT - you will fly into SEA-TAC airport. Your ship leaves from Pier 30, about a half an hour away.
  7. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Kadao says you leave from Pier 30 - unless I missed something, FLBRATT has not indicated which cruise he will be on, which could mean he is leaving from Vancouver.

    FLBRATT Guest

    No I haven't I think kadeo was trying to make a funny ;-)

    I am just starting to look into all of this thats why I thought I would ask my fellow cruisers that have done this trip before. And yes saving money is a good thing so I will do my homework and take your advise.

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  9. Fiskemic

    Fiskemic Guest

    We are leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Alaska in 3 weeks. From FLL airport we're flying into Anchorage and back out of Vancouver on United for $510 each. We booked it many months ago. There may have been cheaper airfares, but we were using frequent traveler points so we had to take the itinerary they offered us. In Anchorage we'll first do 7 days on our own, then take the train to Whittier where we'll board the Dawn Princess for a 7-day southbound cruise ending in Vancouver. As you have already been told there are many different ways to fly there, but that's how we are doing it.
  10. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    This thread is a bit bizarre??

    First post says leaving from Florida, but does not say which port he is sailing from. Therefore, nobody can answer the question.

    Then, a few people say which city THEY are flying into, again without answering the original question.

    Then a poster tells him the pier and city, again without knowing what curiseship he is sailing on.

    Then, another says he is paying for a flight (at a decent price), but he is using frequent flyer points. (I thought they gave you FREE tickets).

    Okay... I will go back to my wine now.
  11. alyce

    alyce Guest

    We just went last week to Alaska on an inside passage cruise from Vancouver to Vancouver. We live in South Florida. Went from West Palm Beach to Atlanta then straight to Vancouver. It's a long flight, but part of the "adventure". Tired when you arrive but we stayed in Vancouver overnight, had a wonderful dinner and lots of wine, then shipped off the next day!

    Going back, it was Vancouver to Salt Lake City, then to Atlanta, then to West Palm Beach. It seems alot of travel at first, but all the flights were just great, and thank goodness weather was good so everything was on time.

    FLBRATT Guest

    OK first off I am a she my name is Trish (as in my signature :) )
    I would be flying out of Tampa Bay Florida. And I was just trying to get some general info I am not wanting to go until May of 2005.
  13. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Oops - Sorry Trish - someday I will learn to read.

    In any event, as stated by a few,you will fly into either Seattle or Vancouver for a Northbound or Roundtrip cruise. The cruise then would leave from either Vancouver or Seattle. There are various options for transport to Vancouver. See some related threads. The cruise then either leave and return to the same port, or they head north to Anchorage area.

    If you do a southbound, they will leave Anchorage and end up in either Vancouver or Seattle. You will then fly out of Vancouver or Seattle.

    FLBRATT Guest

    Thanks Gary! :thumb
  15. lbeck

    lbeck Guest

    Hey Trish. Have you learned anything new since August 4 (about Alaska, I mean).

    I just started looking in earnest today. We've been planning the cruise mentally for summer, 2005. We'll be flying out of NC but probably not much else different. Everything here goes through ATL.

    You're a few weeks ahead of me, so I thought I'd tap your well of knowledge that you must have amassed by now ;)
  16. flbratt

    flbratt Guest

    Well I am booked and payed for and I have our airline tickets. Now I just need to research some cheap but fun things to do in port.

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