Alaska cruises already almost fully booked for July?


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Since no one answered my previous question I'll try and rephrase it:
We're planning on Alaska cruise in July, to be combined with a trip to Yellowstone (before or after).
I looked at the cruises of RC leaving from Seattle and tried to see what the availabilities are, and there are a few cruises where you can't get a Junior suite or even a balcony. Is it possible? Should I hurry and book already (8 months in advance), or I can be relaxed and book in January or even later ? We only need one cabin, but want a large one (2 parendts, 2 teens - 14 and 18 ).


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Cruise prices are based on supply and demand. Alaska has a limited cruise season, so supply is down. It is a also a popular cruise destination, so demand is up. That is why Alaska is an expensive cruise destination.

Nonetheless, the rule for purchasing a cruise is still the same. The earlier you book the better off you are. You cannot count on a ship sinking just before your cruise. After you book you can rebook for a lower rate as long as it is prior to final payment. If the price goes up you get to keep the old lower price. However, if you wait and the price goes up, you cannot ask for the old lower rate.

Even after final payment it is possible to work something out. Recently I was booked on the Allure of the Seas. The price went down after final payment. However, my travel agent was able to get me an upgrade for no extra cost.

In addition, the cabins that get sold out first are the least expensive cabins and the most expensive cabins. I was looking at a cruise in November 2014. More than one year prior all the suites were sold out. I've booked cruises and watched as the cruise became completely sold out more six months prior to the departure date.

If you want to wait to see if you will get a lower price there are five possibilities that I can think of:

1) The price goes down - good.
2) The price goes up - bad.
3) The prices goes down but the cabin you want is not available - bad.
4) The price goes up but the cabin you want is not available - bad.
5) There is no price because the cruise is completely sold out - very bad.

So, it is up to you. You can book now and guarantee that you will get what you want, or you can wait and hope another ship sinks shortly before the cruise and that the cabin you want is available.


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What are the chances of a ship sinking in Alaska, Costa doesn't do Alaska................:lblue:


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OK you guys, I get the cynicism... shouldn't have whistled while in sea....Anyway thanks for the tips.. Will probably book a cruise in the coming days