Alaska in early May?



Hello - I am interested in a cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Star in early May (5/2-5/9). I picked this date mainly because it's what worked best with my schedule, but also because the price was appealing. The cruise starts in Vancouver and goes to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Prince Rupert, and then finishes in Seattle. We'll be sailing through the inside passage and along Sawyer Glacier. Is a cruise in Alaska a complete waste of time this early in May? I'm most interested in seeing nice scenery (glaciers, snow, etc.) and just relaxing. What are the pros and cons of going this time of year?



The con is that it's just too cold for cruising - I wouldn't go then if it was free. My cut-off date is May 20th.


Have done them in May and have done them in October, I''ll take October anytime. Yes, a very true statement, it is cold, COLD [size=large]COLDER[/size] and if you want to see snow, you will not be disappointed. The good weather has just not settled in yet so some things like a trip to the top of Mount Roberts, or a sealife watching boat tour are just not as enjoyable as they should be, either way you freeze your buns off the minute you step out into the open air. A while back on a May cruise it was so cold in Skagway that a couple of us going into town actually walked backwards because there was a slight wind and it took the chill factor to somewhere around -30,
SO, if you are a cold weather lover your in like a salmon, either that or forget layers and just take the heaviest parka you can find, with a fir lined hood and a ski mask.


The last Alaska cruises head south the 3rd week of September. The latest I'd go would be mid-August.


What is cold to some is not cold to others. I have cruised Alaska on the first sailings of the year and yes it can be in the 40's and 50's however I have also seen it in the high 60's this time of year. The nice thing about cruising at this time are the waterfalls. The snow will be melting and there will be waterfalls everywhere. The wildlife is just starting to come out so you must really look to find it. The snow and mountains are very beautiful at this time of year.

I would gladly cruise Alaska on the first sailings of the year but then I am a fanatic on Alaska and would cruise it anytime. I am also from Northern Minnesota and where I live is colder year round then it is in Alaska where the cruise ships travel so a little cool weather doesn't bother me. I still was wearing shorts in Alaska on the trips we took the first sailings of the year. I have cruised Alaska 11 times and will do so many more times.

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I have sailed to in Alaska in mid May and in September and much prefer May for an Alaskan cruise. This year we are on the first North bound cruise on Princess to Alaska. The weather in Alaska is always unpredictable. The big plus for me, as was mentioned earlier, is the fact that there will still be plenty of snow on the mountains.

Enjoy your time in Alaska.