Alaska In May/June?




I am trying to arrange an Alaskan cruis with my family and in the course of doing so, I have found really good prices during May and June. Would some people please fill me in as to the pros and cons of going in May or June?



All pro as far as I'm concerned.
Weather: this of course is with fingers crossed as the coast is not reliable.

Less fog in May June
More dayllight 21 JUN longest day
fewer kids (could be a negative if you are taking them)
Costs lower

to be fair early season sometimes has limited wildlife/sealife experience.


We went to Alaska in June in 2006 and it was almost hot... short and t-shirt weather. Amazing. Had a great cruise.

We went to Alaska in May 2008. Rain almost every day. Not until we sailed to Canada did we have any sun, and then it was short and t-shirt weather again. No matter, we still had a great cruise.

It just depends. You can monitor the weather there a couple of weeks prior to your cruise so that you can pack accordingly.

Be sure to pack your GOOD ATTITUDE so that no matter the weather conditions, you still have a great cruise.

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We did Alaska the first of June when we went the first time. We had picture perfect weather the whole time! Not even a drop of rain in Ketchikan. This next summer we are on a July 1st cruise but we pack for the weather and don't intend to let it ruin our Alaskan trip. We also have a week pre-cruise in Alaska this time and wished we had done that the first time as well. We took a southbound the first time and are taking another southbound this next summer.



Being a lifelong Alaskan I thought I'd pipe in, even though I've never taken an Alaskan cruise. :) LateMay/earlyJune are our nicest months, with June usually being the warmest we get. Of course it's all a crap-shoot in the end, and summer of 2008 was the rainiest summer we've had on record in years and years, not to mention the coldest, so hopefully that was just a major fluke last year. Whenever we talk to friends or family about the best time to come and visit we always say the beginning of June as that seems to hold the warmest and nicest weather. Get ready for lots of daylight!


I am considering taking a June cruise to Alaska with our two kids (4 an 5). We have been on several cruises, but we have never had the kids with us. I am worried not about our kids, but how others will feel with having them there. Kids seem loud for whoever does not have them.


There are lots of kids on Alaska cruises. Assuming that they aren't let run wild in public areas, don't worry about it. There are lots of places on all of the ships for kids to play and burn the excess energy off :)


If you let them run wild in public places, look out for how remote it don't want them to become bear bait if they travel too far out of sight. (J/K) As a mom of little ones close to that age, I would have had the same concerns before our first cruise that was w/out kids...when I saw the kids on board and how well entertained they were, I wasn't too concerned. We're traveling on RC and are not as worried as we'd be if it were one of the smaller, more adult-oriented ships.


Late May and early June are is a good time in Alaska for a cruise. I have cruised there 11 times and the end of May and first part of June have done us well for weather on most trips.


We were up there that time frame in '05 and will be returning the same when we go back up in '10.

The weather was great but Mother Nature is Mother Nature so all bets are off. Hope for the best and be ready for the worst.


Being from Texas (where it's 102 today!), I look forward to cool weather when cruising the Inside Passage. We have all-weather gear, so we're never uncomfortable. Don't even mind some precip, although it does help to have a covered balcony! We're cruising on the SB 7/27 Island Princess and I'm hoping for below average temps! In truth, though, I'll take Alaska any way I can get her!


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Being from Alaska, I think our best summer timeframe is late May / early June, but bring raingear, as those parts of our state are the most wet