Alaska Labor Day?



Hi! I am just feeling uneasy that this may not be a good time to travel to Alaska.
We were in Alaska inside passage a year ago but we were there the first week of August.
Our weather that year was PERFECT. Hmm. What do you think?


We went on our first Alaskan cruise last September. I think it was the 2nd week of Sept. The weather was perfect! We didn't even use our umbrella. I think it sprinkled once or twice for a short time. The days were warm, the nights cool. Really just a jacket was fine. The salmon were running and we caught a huge salmon and had the ship cook it for us for dinner. Magnificent. They said it was the best weather of the entire season. Also - NO MOSQUITOS! We enjoyed it so much we are going back again this September. I think it is the most perfect time to go. You'll love it!


I have seen September with nice weather, but our nicest weather is usually in May and June. From the middle of July on, it tends to be rainy.

Sea Turtle

I cruised Labor Day week in 2001, and yes, we had rain but we also had plenty of sunshine. And, was I disappointed when two of three excursions I had booked in Skagway were cancelled last minute due to gale force winds, well yes. BUT there were so many extraordinary moments on that first cruise to Alaska that I knew I would return to experience more. I've been back twice (last of May, first of June) and I will probably always go back during the shoulder periods of the season as I have done in the past.

I truly don’t think there can be a ‘bad time’ to take an Alaskan cruise. You know you loved the first one, cck0000, or you wouldn’t be looking at a second! ;)

Enjoy your planning!