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Alaska - Lets talk on this board

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by HAngel, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. HAngel

    HAngel Guest

    There doesn't seem to be much interest on this board as there is on other boards in discussing things of interests to those who cruise or tour to Alaska. Come on people - lets jump right in and ask questions or give your best advice or tell us your Alaska travel story!
  2. TheDivineMsM

    TheDivineMsM Guest

    I cruised the Inside Passage two years ago and thought it was the most gorgeous scenery l've ever seen.
    When l given a chance to return, l jumped at it in a heartbeat!
    We do have a group cruise leaving rt from Seattle 6/27 aboard the Beatiful Norwegain Star. This in only one of three ships leaving from Seattle that cruises Glacier Bay..an absolute must see!
    The itinerary also includes Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Victoria.
    We do have a few cabins left; so you have a superior ship, an excellent itinerary at a GREAT price.
    Perhaps some of you would care to join us..we would love to have you!!
  3. PEB

    PEB Guest

    I have cruised Alaska multiple times and will be cruising there again this year. The thing I like best about cruising Alaska is that it is never the same twice. The glaciers are always changing and you never know when or where you will see wildlife. The only tours I have reapeated are whale watching because I am a fanatic on that. I still find a different tour to take in every port. I always do a whale watch in Juneau and Seward.

    I have some fantastic photo's and videos of our trips.
  4. Texgal

    Texgal Guest

    Have been on AK cruise twice. The first time we thought it would be a "once in a lifetime experience", but two summers later we were back. We were lucky to have outstanding weather both trips. Chose Princess ships, Sun and Dawn, both times because we prefered their itinerary. Wanted more nature and less ports.

    Over the course of both trips we went flightseeing over Misty Fjords in a Beaver float plane and Salmon fishing in Ketchikan, whale watching and pilot's choice helicopter trips to land on glaciers in Juneau, took the train, hiked to upper and lower Dewey lakes, catamaraned to see sea lions and whales, canoed to the face of a glacier in Skagway. We took advantage of a cruise tour and rode the Alaska railroad from Seward to Fairbanks (Spending the night at the Captain Cook hotel in Anchorage and the Denali Princess in Denali National Park). We white water rafted down the Nenana River (a river created by the melting Nenana Glacier), took a naturalist tour of Denali National Park, visited Jeff King's kennels (several time Ididerod (sp) champ) -- all near Denali. In Fairbanks we did the river boat tour with all of its trappings, visited the Alaska Pipeline up close and personal, panned for gold and lastly flew over the Yukon River and Brooks Mountain Range to visit the town of Wiseman located north of the Arctic Circle. Alaska is for ALL AGES!

    Alaska is my favorite destination (so far). We are heading to the Panama Canal next month. I may have a new favorite when I get back, but I doubt it.
  5. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Haven't had the ships tour of Alaska or Vancouver harbour yet but hope to do so. Here is a great site for both to do a little research on
    Alaska/Vcr Info on Cruise Watch
  6. HAngel

    HAngel Guest

    Thanks for information -Bseabob - it's got a lot of information that will be helpful to others. Juneau has the tour booths right on the pier. I know that Skagway does not have that. In fact, I have heard that Skagway is really strict with some tour operator's. They can get fined for just being on the street or sidewalk trying to solicit tourist. So if you don't have a good location to attract the crowds you are out of luck. Some others have more leverage than others. Its really too bad because it is such a neat little place but when you learn about the underhanded things - it kind of loses its appeal. At least - you can go somewhere else out of Skagway if you want too.
  7. BUDDY7

    BUDDY7 Guest

    Hi: Cruising to Alaska for the first time this summer (31st cruise overall). I really don't know what to expect, except that everyone raves about Alaska cruises, so I'm really excited. It took me a long time to talk my husband into going on an Alaskan cruise. Does anyone have a good packing list for this type of cruise? Any advice on anything will be appreciated. I'm also reading a lot of books on Alaska, which are very interesting. Thanks......
    Happy Cruising.....Anita
  8. HAngel

    HAngel Guest

    Do a search of this board and cruise critic message board - on packing list or other key words and it will bring up anything that people have talked about what to pack. I know I saw a thread awhile ago that pertained to that. What I have heard is layers - you can put on or take off - it depends on the weather and the time you are going. Do the search and I sure you will come up with a lot of valuable tips. Hope that helps you!
  9. HAngel

    HAngel Guest

  10. HAngel

    HAngel Guest

    Hello - out there! Someone must have something interesting to add to our discussions. I happy that people have jumped right in told me about their experiences. As well - there are some interesting links for packing clothing that I found. Hope it helps people out. Lets hear your story, experiences, tips, what you enjoyed and what you didn't enjoy or the best bargains you found for travel fares, hotel costs, something that maybe others might not know about! Thanks.

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