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Alaska Lodges - meal $$$

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by txncruiser, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. txncruiser

    txncruiser Guest

    Any experience with the cost of meals at the Alaska lodges? My parents and a group plan to go next summer but haven' found any information as to the $$$ involved. But everything that we hear indicates that the meals on trains and lodges are not included.

  2. coiran

    coiran Guest

    This is true - and the prices in the lodges are high - but food is good - They pretty much have you captive because the lodges are far away from anywhere else.

    Have fun
  3. txncruiser

    txncruiser Guest

    Thanks Coiran.

    Do you know anywhere that the prices are posted on the internet? My Dad has come a long way in his "frugal" ways but still is very up-tight about expensive food. ( That is why we always cruise when we vacation with them. No restaurant decisions.)

    He is prepared for about $3,000 per person for the trip but will freak at a $20 per person breakfast, not to mention dinner . I don't understand why they can't charge and include this.
  4. Emma

    Emma Guest

    We spent about 3 days at Mt. McKinley Lodge. It was wonderful. My husband is "frugal". The nice restaurant prices were about like Black Angus, etc. The bar sold some food; hamburgers, etc was about usual bar price but gave a lot of food. They had a buffet restaurant that was very reasonable. & good food. We ate there most of the time. Had a nice expresso coffee bar in the lobby.

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