Alaska - May 2010 - Norwegian Star


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This will be my 26th cruise but my first cruise on Norwegian and my first time to Alaska. We are leaving on May 8th for 7 days. I would love to hear about special excursions you may recommend. Our ports are Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Prince Rupert.


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I only know what I have read about NCL

Alaska is great fun. We have actually not done anything in Juneau or Ketchikan other than take the local buses and walk the towns ..I'm sure others will comment and you will of course know about the glaciers whale watching etc etc.

In Skagway there are the same things and also the Whitepass and Yukon Railway. If possible I recommend that you do something involving the train. The various trips up into Canada are great and there are quite a few options. It will give you quite an oversite into the gold rush challenges and of course the RR is remarkable for itself. Back in the day when we lived in northern BC we got a lot of our goods via barge to Skagway and then up over the RR and back into BC. by road.
Early May will find a lot of snow at the top. Unless global weirding is in effect.
*** TIP Sit on the Right side of the train going up if you are taking a return train trip. Sit on the left if you do a one way.
At the top on a return they flip the seats and you will be able to sit on the outside going down which gives you a better view.


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Ketchikan is a rain forest. The totem parks are nice to see. A ride on the ducks are fun. The luberjack village is a good way to kill an hour or so. Fishing is big in Ketchikan. Kayaking is a great trip also. I find a boat tour of the town is interesting and gives you some great views of the area as well as some great pictures especially of eagles. Flight seeing tours are good here.

Juneu has some of the gold mining areas to see. A trip to Mendenhall glacier is nice or a raft ride down the Mendenhall river. Juneau is one of the best places to do whale watching if you are into that. If you can afford it a helicopter trip to land on the glaciers is well worth a one time trip.

Skagway a train ride is worth some great picture opportunities and some great views. A trip into the Yukon can be very interesting. You can also take tours over to Haines from here. Wildlife tours in Haines can be very interesting and you may see a few whales on the way there or back.