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Alaska Question Ketchican

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by maw, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. maw

    maw Guest

    When we were last on Alaska cruise we did not get off ship here. I have this memory of it being a difficult port to get off ship at. Can any one help. My DH and I use scooters to get around in the various ports. We are traveling on Star Princess. Will we be able to get off ship in this port or are there a bunch of steps.?
  2. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Hey there Maw
    Well first of all it depends on if you ship docks or tenders. There is usually one ship in port that does that.

    And it depends on you ship and how they utilize their decks to disembark. I have been there and walked straight off but you are correct normally there are stairs. The tide also effects this of course.

    Once on the dock you will be able to do the whole town however so work on your plans. There is a web site somewhere with a list of who tenders and who docks but just now I can't find it. Maybe it's too early ??
  3. maw

    maw Guest

    Thanks Bob Suer remembers stairs too. I really hope we can manage this port as looks like fun.
  4. CanCanCase

    CanCanCase Guest

    SE Alaska has some of the greatest tidal fluctuations in the world... I've seen over 30 feet of difference between high and low tide every 6 hours. I don't know of any port that can use a straight gangway for more than an hour or so... each dock has a set of stairs used at different times. Then there's the problems that come with tendering. The ship schedule at www.claalaska.com now has the berthing assignments posted, so that might be a good place to start looking. It might also be worth contacting the cruise line directly to enquire whether or not your scooters will be a help or a burden.

    Happy Alaska Travels!
  5. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Hey Case

    Great info. welcome to the Cruise @ddicts forums

    Thanks for that website. They do not have the ships named that will tender on specific dates just yet. I wonder how they figure that out. Lottery or Money speaks ??
  6. CanCanCase

    CanCanCase Guest

    Thanks for the welcome... I've actually been lurking about here for quite a while. Things have been slow, and it's nice to see some activity here. In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I own and operate a sightseeing and sportfishing charter boat here in Juneau. I know most of these cruise forums have strict "no advertising allowed" policies, so I'll try not to "hawk my wares" here at all. I'm also a born and raised Alaskan, and have worked in the tourist industry most of my life (well, 3 out of 4 careers, anyway!) and I've literally seen it all. Until the busy summer season hits in May, I'm always happy to talk about my home and help folks answer questions whenever possible.

    As for that port schedule, I had thought they'd released the berthing assignments too... I got an "advance copy" last week that does have the berthing listed... (I guess it was too "advanced" for public consumption?! ;-)

    If you'll post what date(s), ship(s) and port(s) I'll be happy to reference my calendar so you'll at least know if you're tendering or not....

    Happy Alaska Travels!
  7. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    CC. Case.. thanks for that offer. I think MAW is subscribed and will check in.

    I saw your other posts somewhere and appreciated your candor. We have quite a few TA's that post and follow the rules and you have it down pat. Love the info.
    You could check the Infinity for me on the 3rd of September I think it is. I'll be there then (or there abouts) Last year we lost the lottery and tendered. Hoping for a dockside visit this year.
  8. CanCanCase

    CanCanCase Guest

    The Infinity is scheduled to DOCK in Juneau on Sept. 2. I don't have the KTN schedule handy at the moment (apparently, CLA thinks Juneau should get berthing assignments first... KTN is still a few days away.)

    For the OP, this may be easiest handled by contacting the cruise line directly. I know if I've got an excursion booked close to the port time, my guests get a "Priority" sticker to cut to the front of the line to disembark so they can make their excursion on time. Airlines usually allow early boarding for "anyone needing a little extra time", and I would be shocked if most of the cruise lines didn't have a "priority service" for anyone who needed or requested it. I know they like to make more money by keeping folks on the ships as long as they can, but I think holding wheelchair and scooter users "captive" is taking the business model a little too far! ;-)

  9. maw

    maw Guest

    Thanks Bob and can can. I will be checking further with the schedules and the cruise line. Paw must have his wheel chair as he is an amputee, I just run out of oxygen and energy climbing stairs and walking distances there for scooter.
    We were lucky last cruise and did tie up at pier in all three stop. I will be in Ketchican on the Star Princess, Aug 12, Juneau 13.Skagway 14, . Thanks again
  10. CanCanCase

    CanCanCase Guest

    I think you're in luck. At least in Juneau, the Star has a berth at the AJ Dock (the new one out on the south end of the bay.) It's also a floating dock, so the tides don't affect things as much either.

    I'm honestly surprised none of the cruise lines have taken the "we never tender" approach to distinguishing themselves from the other lines. Princess is close though... they've got contracts with every new and private dock in SE, and I can't honestly remember any time in the last season or two when I've seen a Princess ship anchored out.

    Happy Alaska Travels!
  11. maw

    maw Guest

    Thanks. for the prompt answers. Loooking forward to Juneau.
  12. PEB

    PEB Guest

    Maw the cruise lines will make accomodations to get you and Paw off the ship whether in a wheel chair or a scooter. I have seen both come off the ships in all Alaskan ports. They will even help get them off if you tender. It will take a few minutes longer but they will get you off if you wish. In Ketchikan you can get around pretty easy and if you want to stay near the pier you can go to the Lumber Jack show. That only about a block away from the ships.

    Enjoy your cruise in Alaska and at the very least talk to the people at the gangway to see how they will accomodate you in getting off the ship. It is worth looking around.
  13. maw

    maw Guest

    Thanks Paul we will sure try We ae sure looking forward to this cruise. Son and his family first cruise and too Alaska. they are panning some fun excursions for sure.
  14. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    In Ketchikan we docked at the pier just past town, so instead of being across the street from all the shopping, it was actually about 2 blocks away. But it was still easy to get around, and shouldn't be a problem for scooters. There was a visitors center at that dock, with restrooms and things to buy! (Imagine that!)
  15. PATJUD

    PATJUD Guest

    If you have done the "Misty Fiords and Glaciers Flightseeing" tour with Island Wings Air Service - please tell me about your experience and the tour. Thanks.
  16. When we went we docked Maw and I dont remember a lot of steps at all,and scotter accessible as well.

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