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alaska shore excursion

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by olgi, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. olgi

    olgi Guest

    Sailing to alaska next june on the summit. can anyone give me ideas of shore excursions for juneau, skagway, icy strait, ketchican .should we do with celebrity or book them at the port. also, we are staying two days in vancouver. what is of interest to see.
    thank you.
  2. Howie

    Howie Guest

    Juneau is known for flight tours and whale watching. It also has Mendenhall Glacier, which can be seen for about $10 a person by local tour buses. You can also raft down the river from Mendenhall Glacier. There are local tours in town if you wish that are close to the piers and especially by the tram.

    Skagway is known for flight tours and trips into the Yukon. The White Pass Railway is also a big favorite for many. There are also tours from Skagway to Haines. Haines has some nice wildlife tours. There are some local tour operators with stands setup or that will be standing outside by their office trying to sell to you as you walk around.

    Ketchikan has many flight tours. It is also known for its Totem Parks and fishing. Many people take kayaking tours out of Ketchikan. This is a rain forest so expect to get wet. Again there are local tour operators near the pier if you wish.

    Whether you take a tour from a local operator or from the ship depends on your comfort level. If you take a tour from the ship and something goes wrong, such as the bus breaks down, the ship will be notified and wait for you. If you take it on your own and there is a problem you may be stuck.
  3. dusty

    dusty Guest

    hi olgi

    i was in vancouver last fall and it is a wonderful city. try to go to grouse mountain and take the tram to the top. there is a imax, wonderful walking paths with wooden statues too view and two adopted bears that are fun too watch. also go to capalino suspension bridge. it has great things on the other side ( if you can make it that is ;). they are very close together. stanley park near the dock is wonderful for watching the boats in the harbor and there is a path there too walk all around the park. it is a nice relaxing walk and there are totom poles also. china and gas town are right in walking distance of the dock and fun too wander through. robson street has many shops to buy things. it is kind of like a rodeo drive in beverly hills i think? grandville market is fun. you can buy many open air market things ( flowers, fruit, vegies and pastries )and there are shops that have specialty items. there are so many more things there too do i cant name them all. go to www.bcpassport.com and you can find out all about vancoucer and the fun things to do. have a great time. i know you are going to love it. and have a great time on the cruise.
  4. Scapel

    Scapel Guest

  5. Night rider

    Night rider Guest

    Check out Southeast tours, they have some Yukon tours that are great. The horseback is great, you can check it out on yukonhorseback great shots of Emerald Lake. This is a muct to see jif you can arrange it.

    Happy travels..
  6. baesue

    baesue Guest

    Hi olgi, baesue here. My wife and I are also on the Summit in June, 2005 and we're also having problems with shore excursions. We're sailing June 24, 2005 out of Seward. How about yourself? Have you had any luck with your shore excursions? Thanks
  7. nona

    nona Guest

    Hi Olgi
    If you are on the Summit, you will probably be in Juneau long enough to go on the Tracy Arm trip. I have been there a few times. I loved it. I would go on the Adventure Bound, their office is close to the cruise ships. One time when I went out the summit was tied up right next to where the Adventure Bound leaves from.
  8. olgi

    olgi Guest

    hi... i am starting to look into the tours. i prefer to stick with the cruise line, however in Juneau evrything seems to be helicopter and i will not do that. portpormotions.com has interesting tours.
    hope this helps.
  9. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    In Juneau do the Taku Lodge Flight. It was the best.
  10. olgi

    olgi Guest

    Hi barry....

    we have decided to book with celebrity. the only port we are having a problem is juneau. i do not do helicopters or sea planes. i was looking at port promotions. but have not decided yet. will let you know what we will finally do.

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