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Alaska-Summit-June 13th



Celebrity Summit, Alaska, June 13th – 20th

This is my first time sailing on the Summit and my first time in Alaska.
The Summit has had several reviews, so I will not bore you by repeating what’s has already been said. The ship is beautiful. It’s designed to be a “floating museum.,†and it hits that mark. Some of the art work I loved, some I could do without, and some I had no clue what I was looking at = something for everyone.

The Aqua Spa is most relaxing. My favorite place to relax was Michael’s Club.

The food was excellent. This makes the third cruise with Celebrity and the food has been most enjoyable.

There were problems in securing a second cabin key for my sister, who was traveling with me, and my Celebrity Card had to be replaces twice. Celebrity could have done a much better job in facilitating the process.

The weather during our trip was predictable; some sunshine, some intermittent rain and one when it just rained all day long. Overall, we considered ourselves lucky. Average temp I would guess to be in the high 50’s to low 60’s.

Below is a list of the excursions. The trips were all booked using private vendors

Juneau http://www.coastalhelicopters.com/ http://www.coastalhelicopters.com/t_dogsled.htm You'll see on the website that they have teamed up with Goddard Dog Sled Tours. While we signed up for the Dog Sled tour, it was too foggy to land the helicopter at the Dog Sled Camp, so we went with plan B and did the glacier tour. It was wonderful.

Skagway http://www.whitepassrailroad.com If the weather is good the views are so beautiful.

Sitka http://www.sitkasecret.com/ We had a nice time even though the animals were not very "tourist friendly" that day. Didn't see a great deal of wildlife, but that's the breaks. What was wonderful to experience, were watching the eagles swooping down and picking up the fish the captain tossed into the water. When I mentioned this to some passengers who had taken the ships Otter/Wildlife trip, they were disappointed that their caption didn't do the same.

Ketchikan http://www.islandwings.com/ Michelle did a fine job. She has, what I think is an map player, which she uses to pipe in music through your head sets; which allows you to talk to her and your fellow passengers also. Unlike the ships' vendor for the Misty Fjords trip, she has a shore stop where you get out of the plane and walk around.

Feel free to email me with any questions. JimQNY@nyc.rr.com
Enjoy Alaska and the Celebrity Summit