Alaskan Cruise - Parking in Vancouver



We just booked Alaskan cruise on Celebrity Mercury for Aug. 30, 2009 r/t Vancouver. We booked cabin 1241 balcony concierge level - aft.
Hope this was a good choice???? We are driving to Vancouver - does anyone have experience with hotels in the area that let you park your vehicle while on cruise.


Well congrats on the booking.

Vancouver hotel parking is some of the mot expensive I've experienced. I am not aware of any hotels downtown that do that. There are however hotels out by the airport that will do the Park and Fly and I would think that a cruise to them would make no difference.
I have used the Delta Vancouver airport and can recommend that. Most of the chains are out that way also and you could check their websites. Hotels are also cheaper of course.
The but part of staying out there is of course getting to the cruise dock. and you are looking at $50.00 +/- for a cab and or going back to the airport for the shuttle to down town (none are free) and then a short which would you rather ?? :)

When we cruise from Vancouver we park at the Cruise Park or Right at Canada Place. $$ difference is little... somewhere around $130 or so if I recall correctly. Cruise Park has a web site as does Canada Place but Cruise Park will likley not respond at this time of the year.