Alcoholic Beverages




I don't have the list anymore but I can give you a quick breakdown, It may not be 100% right, close:\

standared cocktails like scotch and water, gin and tonic, etc, if you do not call you brand: about $5.25 plus 15% gratuity.

Martinis $6.00 to $8..00 same, if you do not call the alcohol

wine $5.50 and up..

fru fru drinks without souvenior glasses about $7.00 with about $9.00. Be sure to reguest no souvenior glass or you will get it and be charged.

There are daily specials, watch the freesyle daily paper. I know I have the list somewhere, but can't find it right now. I do not know about beer as I am not a beer drinker.

A bottle of wine will run from $25.00 to whatever.



Perfect, thank you!
I was previously on the NCLs cruise line, last year and i totally forget. This year i am some what on a budget sooo..thought i would ask.

I think a bucket a beer was 5 for 17 - domestic and 5 for 23 for imports..

Could not be certain though.