Alex, the talking SMART African Grey bird, has died.




This is especially sad and unexpected for us bird lovers. Alex was only 31, and should have lived for another 20 years. The article doesn't go into great detail, but newspaper reports have said that on the night before he died, he told the doctor, "Good night. See you tomorrow?" and she assured Alex she would see him tomorrow. The next day he was found dead. I have seen LOOK WHO'S TALKING many times, and it was always amazing to watch this feisty, intelligent, and funny bird. Those of us who have parrots understand how special they are (even when they bite the heck out of you out of jealousy the night before a big C@ gathering in SF!) :X


(td) A Yahoo group I belong to gave us this news. Dr Irene was terribly
upset as were the staff that found Alex.

Alex was so colorful and showed a lot of mere humans how wonderful a
parrot can be. He had such a personality.He was cool.=COOL

Fly Free Fly High, Dear Alex